Ch 36 & 24 Grief

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  1. The process of mourning, coping, interacting, planning and psychosocial reorganization that occur as part of the response to the impending death of a loved one.
    Anticipatory grief
  2. An illness that is log term and either without cure or with residual effects that limit activities of daily living
    Chronic condition
  3. Excessively long mourning that interfers with resuming normal activities
    Chronic grief
  4. Recurrent feelings of grief, loss and fear related to the child's illness and the loss of the ideal, healthy child
    Chronic sorrow
  5. A system of comprehensive care that provides support and assistance to patients and families affected by terminal illness
    Hospice care
  6. The course of an illness, including its effect on those involved
    Illness trajectory
  7. Responses used to counteract an illness or abnormal behavior in order to maintain appropriate and valued social roles
  8. Treatments or procedures that promote comfort and quality of life rather than aiming to cure the underlying disease
    Palliative care
  9. Five stages of the grieving process delinated by Kubler-Ross
    • Denial
    • Anger/resentment
    • Bargaining
    • Depression/Sadness
    • Acceptance
  10. The most significant concern of the parents of a dying child is the childs:
  11. A preschooler understands death as
    A temporary sadness
  12. Although an individual may move back and forth among the various stages of the grieving process, the first stage is usually
  13. Chronic illness with frequent hospitalizations can affect the psychosocial development of a school age child by:
    leading to feelings of interiority
  14. What is the best response to an adolescent who asks whether he should talk to his dying brother?
    Although he may not answer you your brother can still hear what you are saying.
  15. Which action represents the predominant trait of resilient families?
    Engaging in efforts to keep the family intact
  16. Which intervention is appropriate when caring for a chronically ill toddler?
    Keep security objects nearby
  17. What is the nurses first consideration when planning care for the child with a chronic illness?
    Child's physiologic condition
  18. What special concerns exist if the infant has facial or genital anomalies?
    • Facial anomalies cause parental concern about how others will accept their child b/c the defect is obvious
    • Genital because ambiguity and anxiety about the child's identity, boy or girl how to dress, etc
  19. Why is grief an essential aspect of attachment to an infant with an anomaly?
    Parents must grieve for the expected normal child before they can detach from this fantasy and move on to accepting the child they have.
  20. Why is it important that both fathers and mothers be supported in the grief aspects of having a baby with an anomaly or of perinatal loss?
    They both must be assisted to deal with the shock and sadness rather than all attention being focused on mother's grief.  Only when the father deals with his emotions can he support his partner and explain the loss to family and friends.
  21. The best way for the nurse to evaluate the quality of a pregnant adolescent's diet is to
    Ask her to describe what she ate the previous day.
  22. Correct advice for women who ask about using alcohol during pregnancy is that it is:
    Important to avoid it entirely throughout preg
  23. When first presenting an infant with an anomaly to parents the nurse should:
    Emphasize the most normal aspects of the infant before showing them the anomaly.
  24. A woman who had a stillborn infant at 37 weeks of gestation angrily asks the nurse why her doctor didn't "take the baby early" the nurse should understand that the mother's behavior
    Should be expected as part of the normal grieving process
  25. The main goal when caring for battered women is to:
    Emphasize that they have the right not to be hurt
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