Welfare test #2

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  1. Von Hayek
    Ok w/services, not socialism. Welfare state may be problem he was speaking of. Welfare state is paternalistic - denies freedom. 

    • Services should be least intrusive as possible. 
    • Offered in the least intrusive way. 

    Preserve liberty.

    Try new things and find out the most efficient and least intrusive way to deliver services.
  2. Murray
    Cultural explanation of welfare's problems.

    • Welfare is a disincentive. 
    •    Breaks up families. Children need both parents. It creates a family were the father is not needed. 

    Draws illusory correlations to come to conclusions about poverty getting worse as a result of welfare.
  3. Mead
    • Poverty is culturally created. The underclass lack values.
    •      Work values - need to work harder
    •      Lack satisfaction from work. 
    •      Lack Money at work 
    •      Survive off welfare

    Welfare is a disincentive. 

    • Dispite huge resources welfare has not ended poverty. 
    •      Poor are worse off.
  4. Wilson
    • Work explanation
    •     Teach what it means to work
    •     Job placement programs
    •     Better public transit
    •     Universal job credits like health care and child care
    •          Help to relieve inner city poverty.
  5. Mcintosh
    • State policies of welfare a paternal.
    •     Creates dependence on men or state. 

    Marxist approach. Women are a different social class. 

    • Change by showing men it is a problems. 
    •     Change wage system too. 

    • Argument for end in dependence on on marriage for social security benefits.
    •     Women should perhaps get some compensation for the work they do outside of paid labor.
  6. Patemen
    Oppression in household.  Cant be full citizens because they lack the ability to be economically independent. 

    • Dependent on male income. 
    • Patriarchal structure of welfare.
    •     Benefits come through husbands income
  7. Esping-Anderson
    • 3 types of welfare clusters
    •      1. Liberal - US - state and market, based on need, poverty fix
    •      2. Social democratic - Nordic countries - State, based on citizenship and residents, equity and incomes maintenance 
    •     3. Conservative - Germany - Earner, employer (universal), based on work. income maintenance.
  8. Arts & Gelissen
    • Other welfare types. 5 types. Add-
    •     Mediterranean - Fragmented social protection
    •     Antipodes - Australia- Inclusive approach to liberal model. Inclusion of a wide range of means tested benefits. 

    Addition of a gender component.
  9. Hay
    • Globalization
    •     Undermined welfare state
    •          Must cut back to compete
    •          Now a burden
    •          Unemployment - inflation trade off
    •               Inflation down = unemployment up or vise versa, full employment not feasible 

    • Industrialization
    •     Capitalists had incentives to stay in nation
  10. Castles
    Race to the bottom. Myth not reality. Globalization creates a need for stronger welfare state.

    • Doubts retrenchment exists. Money shifts from works projects to welfare. 
    •     Many countries spending more and not loosing competitiveness.
  11. Korpi
    • Power resource model
    •      Working class have power in numbers
    •      Capitolists have power in money.

    • Model worked well until shock
    •      1. Globalization
    •      2. Women in work
    •      3. Young people
    •      4. Aging population

    • Globalization
    •      Retrenchment is mostly political and not nessary
    •     Post industrial economy - service sector not industry. 

    • Extent and cause of retrenchment. 
    •    Basic security - universal and most resistant to change
    •    State corporatist - Stratified economic benefits 
    •    Encompassing - middle class mobalized with political parties. 

    • Unemployment part of decline.
    •     Europe thought full employment best cure
    •          supports welfare state.
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