ch 17 chem

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  1. Titration equipment
    • Buret - long tube
    • analyte - solution in flask
    • titrant - solution in buret
    • indicator - dye to help visualize equivalence point
  2. Endpoint and Equivalence point
    Endpoint - when a color change of indicator occurs

    Equivalence pt- when stoichiometric amounts of acid and base have combined

    ideally, choose indicator so that equiv. pt = endpoint
  3. What are the strong bases
    NaOH, KOH, LiOH, RbOH, CsOH, Ca(OH)2, Ba(OH)2, Sr(OH)2
  4. Why is the equivalence point for the neutralization of a weak acid with a strong base above a pH of 7?
    When a weak acid (acetic acid for example) and a strong base (NaOH) combine they form water and the sodium acetate salt. Sodium can be considered neutral since its Ka is incredibly minute. Acetate, however, is basic since it is the conjugate base of a weak acid. This contributes to the equivalence point being beyond a pH of 7.
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