Wetland Soil Chemistry

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  1. Oxidation and reduction
    Electron donors= reducing agents: tend to donate electrons

    Electron acceptors= oxidizing agents: tend to accept electrons

    • Oxidation can mean:
    • • Gain of oxygen atoms• Loss of hydrogen atoms• Increase in ionic charge• Decrease in electron densityThis may be summarized as Increase in Oxidation State

    • Reduction:
    • • Gain of hydrogen atoms• Loss of oxygen atoms• Decrease in ionic charge• Increase in electron densityThis may be summarized as Decrease in Oxidation State.
  2. N, Fe, S, C that are good electron acceptors/donors
    • N
    • ox:NO3-
    • red:N20, N2, NH4

    • Fe
    • ox: Fe3-
    • red:Fe2+

    • S
    • ox:SO4-
    • red:S-

    • C
    • ox:CO2
    • red:CH4
  3. Order of preference for electron acceptors in resp., sequence over time and with
    depth in soil
    Sequence in time- Beginning with oxygen depletion, nitrate reduction, iron reduction, then sulfate reduction.

    depth- wetland soils have shallow oxidized layer over reduced layer, and soil profiles with depth show a similar sequence of high to low energy redox reactions.
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