Site Planning 3

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  1. protector test
    determines the optimum compaction of site fill base on its density and optimum moisture content
  2. Probable Maximum Flood (PMF)
    the most severe flood that may reasonably be possible for a particular location
  3. Standard Projected Flood (SPF)
    a flood that may be expected from the most severe combination of meteorological and hydrological conditions in a particular location, excluding extremely rare combination as with a PMF, SPFs are typically expressed as a probability frequency
  4. basic allowable floor area of a planned building may be increased by what?
    • 1) adding a sprinkler system
    • 2) increasing the amount of open space between the building and the property lines
  5. what is min planting strip for trees?
  6. what is min planting strips for grass?
  7. when and where was the first zoning ordinance passed?
    1916 in New York City
  8. what is a silt fence?
    a temporary construction designed to filter water runoff from a construction site and trap sediment before it is washed into drains or nearby bodies of water
  9. what is a bioswale?
    a shallow ditch lined with grass or other ground cover
  10. what is riprap?
    rock along a watercourse or drainage area designed to prevent erosion
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