Weekly reading #24

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  1. what might be used as a source of power for trains and boats?
  2. who were the 3 inventors
    William Henry, John Stevens, and John Fitch
  3. what did some people call Robert Fulton?
    The American Leonardo da Vinci.
  4. what was Robert's steamboat called? how long did it take for his steamboat to travel 150 miles from New York to Albany?
    North River, 32 hours
  5. before steamboats, how did boats float?
    river current
  6. how fast did boats go on the Mississippi?
    one mile/hr
  7. how fast did steamboats go.
  8. what were the 2 names given to the trains?
    Iron horses, teakettle
  9. what would cover the passenger and colorful paint?
  10. on a track, one horse can pull as heavy as how many horses?
  11. who did they say could change the problem they had with the steam engines?
    Peter Cooper
  12. Peter Cooper found a small _____, barrels from 2 ______, and some other odds and ends, and built a little steam locomotive he named ______ , named after what?
    engine, muskets, Tom Thumb, children's fairy tail.
  13. tom thumb challenged the owners in a train race. what caused the opponents to lose?
    the engine belt slipped out of place and their train stopped.
  14. who was the famous English novelist that wrote the story of Scrooge and tiny Tim called A Christmas Carol?
    Charles Dickens
  15. how long would it take to travel from New York to Chicago with a train?
    2 days
  16. who called the Mexican war "one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation"
    Ulysses S. Grant
  17. What was Polk's victory due to?
    the splinter antislavery Liberty party
  18. what kind of election as the one with polk and clay in?
    a manifest destiny election
  19. The issues were the future of ORegon Territory which polk wasted to reoccupy, and the annexation of TExas, or in polks words.....
  20. who did polk send to the texas territory to guard the undefined border? an dhow many troops went with them?
    General Zachary Taylor, 1500 troops
  21. when a U.S. soldier was found dead attacked by a Mexican, what was though?
    that war exists.
  22. America wanted to expand the army by how many men?
  23. general taylor is made what?
    the Whig president
  24. where does president polk order a blockade?
    on the pacific and gulf of mexico
  25. in august, California is annexed by the united states and who establishes himself as governor there?
    Commodore David Stockton
  26. what did General Taylor agree to after capturing Monterey, Mexico, that allowed the Mexican Army to evacuate the city? and it displeased President Polk.
    he agreed to an armistice
  27. what di newspapers think Taylor was gonna do again?
    run for president
  28. what did one newspaper announce?
    we take nothing in conquest...thank god
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