Site Planning 2

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    • What is depth of horizon a?
    • 6-10ft
  1. What are crowns?
    Direct water off of roads or parking loads
  2. What are swales?
    Direct water around an existing object
  3. What is most efficient orientation of bldg?
    For a rectangular bldg with long axis, 15 degrees east of south
  4. What is french drain?
    Sometimes called a subdrain, is a type of perimeter foundation subsurface drainage system. A continuous perforated pipe placed near the footing of a foundation in a depth lined with a filter fabric.
  5. What is a leader line?
    Off of a gutter, while a strip drain is a type of subdrain
  6. What is a trench drain?
    Continuous drain placed at ground level and designed to catch runoff and divert it to a storm sewer, retention pond, or some other type of drainage collection system.
  7. What is proctor test?
    Optimum compaction of site fill based on its density and optimum moisture content.
  8. What is a pit test?
    A pit dug in the soil to allow visual inspection of soil.
  9. What is a dry sample boring?
    Method of extracting soil samples
  10. What is soil load test?
    Determines the design load of soil by applying steadily increasing loads on a platform placed on a site
  11. What is battering?
    Sloping or recessing of successive courses of stone or masonry to help resist soil thrust or overturning
  12. Bioswale
    Construction that is designed to allow sediment to settle while water drains into the ground
  13. Infiltration basin
    Construction designed to retain stormwater until it can seep into the ground
  14. Catchmen area
    Area surrounding a land development site, encompassing the population base that the development is meant to serve
  15. Contextualism
    The belief that new buildings should be designed to harmonize with other buildings and elements in the vicinity
  16. Planned unit development (PUD)
    A large parcel of land, typically with a max of uses, that has been designed and laid out according to principals approved by the local planning authority and often with citizen input. A PUD is commonly used to develop land in a way that ordinarily would not be allowed based on normal planning and zoning restrictions of a jurisdiction.
  17. Proxemics
    Term coined by anthropologist Edward T. Hall for theory of cultural use of space and now used to describe the study of spatial requirements of humans and the effect of population density on behavior, communication, and social interaction. Deals with issues of territoriality, spacing, and positioning between people and how the organization of the environment can affect these issues.
  18. Superblock
    Large parcel of land designed to minimize the impact of the car on residential/development in which access to interior lots is provided by cul-de-sacs branding from surrounding streets and prividing one or more open spaces
  19. Tax base
    Object on which a tax is calculated
  20. Conductivity
    Rate at which heat flows through a material
  21. Insolation
    Total solar radiation on a horizontal surface
  22. Imageability
    • Study to determine how existing buildings, streets, and public spaces contribute to the neighborhoods image.
    • Reference Kevin Lynch book
  23. 1% slope
    1/8 inch per foot
  24. 2% slope
    1/4 in per foot
  25. Utilities
    Most commonly located anywhere in right of way, away from buildable property
  26. Sidewalk width
    Recommended 5ft
  27. Formula to find min horizontal distance between contour lines?
    • L=D/G
    • L: min distance between contour lines
    • D: vertical change in height between contour lines
    • G: max gradient
  28. The US System of Surveying the Public Lands begun in1785 divides land into?
    Townships and sections
  29. Angled parking
    Usually leads to the most rapid traffic flow
  30. Microclimate of a city
    • Less solar radiation
    • Less clouds/rain- warmer/dryer
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