Chapter 12

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  1. adhesive
    type of surgical drape that is typically made of a thin, clear plastic material that has an adhesive backing and is applied to the skin; the drape may be impregnated with an antimicrobial iodine agent
  2. anticipate
    to foresee or prepare for a situation before it occurs, such as the surgical technologist anticipating the surgeon's needs
  3. antimicrobial
    refers to an agent capable of killing some microorganisms and suppressing the growth of other types of microbes
  4. apical pulse
    pulse taken at the apex of the heart
  5. biohazard
    biological material, which may be infective, that threatens humans or the environment
  6. catheterization
    use or act of placing a catheter
  7. circumferentially
    circularly, or moving completely around an item, as in the circumferential prep of an extremity
  8. count
    term used to describe the act of counting items used intraoperatively that could potentially be left in a surgical wound
  9. craniotomy
    incision into the cranium
  10. cylindrical
    object with a tubular shape
  11. donning
    to put on or dress in
  12. dyspnea
    difficult or labored breathing
  13. hand wash
    mechanical and chemical washing of the hands to aid in removing transient microorganisms, dirt, and debris
  14. indicator
    tape, paper, vial, or other item used to confirm that a specific reaction has taken place
  15. lap sponge
    type of surgical sponge that is the largest and most absorbent of the sponges
  16. mask
    cover worn over the mouth and nose by surgical personnel to prevent blood and body fluids from splashing into those areas; also protects the patient from the surgical personnel's secretions
  17. neutral zone
    area designated within the sterile field in which sharps may be safely placed by one person and retrieved by another
  18. pathology
    study of the characteristics, causes, and effects of disease on the human body
  19. PPE
    attire worn to protect against exposure to physical and biological hazards
  20. prep
    preparation, such as the skin prep of the patient
  21. prone
    position in which the patient lies face downward
  22. resident organisms
    microorganisms that live on and within the body and that are beneficial for health; typically refers to bacteria that live below the skin surface in hair follicles and glandular openings; also referred to as normal or resident flora
  23. sedation
    state of being calm, usually effected by means of a sedative drug
  24. sterile attire
    sterile garment and gloves donned during a surgical procedure
  25. sterile team member
    member of the surgical team who has performed a surgical scrub, donned the sterile gown and gloves, and works within the sterile field
  26. supine
    position in which the patient lies on his or her back, face upward, with arms usually placed on arm boards with the palms facing up
  27. surgeon's preference card
    list of the equiptment, supplies, and surgical intrument set(s) that a surgeon prefers for each surgical procedure performed; used as a guide in collecting the items to be used for the surgical procedure; most surgery departments now have the cards stored on a computer, eliminating the need for handwritten cards
  28. surgical scrub
    hand and arm wash that is performed prior to donning the sterile gown and gloves; used for the purpose of removing as many microorganisms as possible and for arresting the growth of others; accomplished with the use of chemicals and mechanical action
  29. transient organims
    organisms that reside on the surface of the skin and are easily removed by hand washing
  30. vital signs
    measurements of bodily functions esential to life, including temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure
  31. wraparound style gown
    sterile surgical gown that "wraps" around the individual to enclose the body from the neck to the middle of the lower leg, and is kept in place by ties and Velcro strips
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