SAT Vocabulary List 12

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  1. notoriety
    n. disrepute; ill fame
  2. immobility
    n. state of being immovable
  3. remnant
    n. reminder
  4. conception
    n. beginning; forming of an idea
  5. slag
    n. residue from smelting metal; dross; waste matter
  6. preposterous
    adj. absurd; ridiculous
  7. shun
    v. keep away from
  8. apprenticeship
    n. time spent as a novice learning a trade from a skilled worker
  9. pertinacious
    adj. stubborn; persistant
  10. averse
    adj. reluctant; disinclined
  11. sectarian
    adj. relating to a religious faction or subgroup; narrow minded; limited
  12. ambiguous
    adj. unclear or doubtful in meaning
  13. complacency
    n. self satisfaction; smugness
  14. impenetrable
    adj. not able to be pierced or entered; beyond understanding
  15. tantalize
    v. tease; torture with disappointment
  16. auditory
    adj. pertaining to the sense of hearing
  17. clemency
    n. disposition to be lenient; mildness, as of the weather
  18. repulsion
    n. distaste; ast of driving back
  19. flora
    n. plants of a region or era
  20. burly
    • adj. husky; muscular
    • n. one of burly frame
  21. assent
    • v. agree, accept 
    • n. act of accenting
  22. politic
    adj. expedient; prudent; well advised
  23. empirical
    adj. based on experience
  24. practical
    adj. based on experience; useful
  25. ruse
    n. trick; stratagem
  26. plethora
    n. excess; overabundance
  27. intransigence
    n. refusal of any compromise; stubbornness
  28. delve
    v. dig; investigate
  29. malodorous
    adj. foul-smelling
  30. dismantle
    v. take apart
  31. resolution
    n. determination; resolve
  32. affront
    n. insult; offence; intentional act of disrespect
  33. negligence
    n. neglect; failure to take reasonable care
  34. baroque
    adj. / n. highly ornate
  35. downcast
    adj. disheartened; sad
  36. nautical
    adj. pertaining to ships or navigation
  37. fusion
    n. union; coalition
  38. adept
    adj. expert at
  39. grisly
    adj. phastly
  40. woe
    n. deep, inconsolable greif; affliction; suffering
  41. headlong
    adj. hasty; rash
  42. junta
    n. group pf men joined in political intrigue; cabal
  43. beneficial
    adj. helpful; useful
  44. amble
    n. / v. moving at an easy pace
  45. nomadic
    adj. wandering
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