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  1. Dysarthria
    Disturbance in muscular control, neurogenic origin

    Specific muscles affected: muscles of respiration and the muscles of larynx, pharynx, soft palate, or articulators (lip, tongue).

    Compromised movement: muscle strength, speed, range, accuracy, steadiness, and muscle tone.

    • Affects all motor speech processes- respiration, phonation, articulation, resonance, and prosody.
  2. Ataxic Dysarthria
    Disorders of cerebellar system.

    Discrete Neurological Group:  Cerebellar Lesions

    • Relative Prominence of Speech Deviations:  1.) Imprecise Controls, 2.) Excess and Equal Stress, 3.) Irregular Articulatory Breakdown
  3. Spastic Dysarthria
    Disorders of the upper motor neuron

    Discrete Neurological Group: Pseudobulbar Palsy

    Relative Prominence of Speech Deviations:

    • 1. Imprecise Consonants
    • 2. Monopitch
    • 3. Reduced Stress
  4. Hyperkinetic Dyarthria
    Disorder of the extra-pyramidal system

    Discrete Neurological Group:

    • Chorea:
    • 1. Imprecise Consonants
    • 2. Prolonged Intervals
    • 3. Variable Rate

    • Dystonia:
    • 1. Imprecise Consonants
    • 2. Distorted Vowels
    • 3. Harsh Voice Quality

    *Relative Prominence of Speech Deviations
  5. Hypokinetic Dysarthria
    Disorders of the extra-pyramidal system

    Discrete Neurological Groups: Parksonism

    Relative Prominence of Speech Deviations;

    • 1. Monopitch
    • 2. Reduced Stress
    • 3. Monoloudness
  6. Flaccid Dysarthria
    Disorders of the lower motor neuron

    Discrete Nuerological Group: Bulbar Palsy

    Relative Prominence Speech Deviations

    • 1. Hypernasality
    • 2. Impressive Consonants
    • 3. Breathiness (consonants)
  7. Mixed Dysarthria
    Discrete Neurological Group:  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis w/ relative prominence in psuedobulbar & bulbar palsy

    Relative Prominence of Speech Deviations

    • 1. Imprecise Consonants
    • 2. Hypernasality
    • 3. Harsh Voice Quality
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