alt mental exam 2 violence. sleep. anger.

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  1. who are the most victims of rape? women or men?
  2. is sexual assault a common underreported crime or is it reported?
  3. what is the most commonly used date-rape drug.
  4. what is rape trauma syndrome-acute phase? long-term phase?
    occurs after the assault. last for a few weeks. feel disorganized. crying, sobbing, smiling, laughing, restlessness, hysteria, confusion, can't make decisions, etc. 

    long term - anger, violence, flashbacks, increased activity, emotional labilty.
  5. what can you do for a pt that was raped?
    24hr line. ER. nonjudgemental care.
  6. females are victims how many more times than men?
  7. 1/10 homicides are due to what?
    spousal murder.
  8. lower the income, higher or lower the chance of domestics?
  9. cycle of violence: tension-building stage. what is it?
    abuser: minor explosions. verbally abusive. 

    victim: helpless. walking on eggs.
  10. cycle of violence: serious battering phase. what is it?
    abuser: tension becomes unbearable. provoke incident to get it over with. 

    victim: cover up injury. look for help?
  11. cycle of violence: honeymoon phase. what is it?
    abuser: promises. sorry. flowers.

    victim: i like believe.
  12. does decongestants cause insomnia or deep sleep?
  13. does antidepressants suppress or encourage REM sleep?
  14. why do heavy smokers wake up 3-4 hours into the night?
    nicotine withdrawal
  15. what is the problem with people trying to use alcohol to help them sleep?
    robs them of REM sleep. they have "light" sleep and can be woken easily.
  16. how much time do we spend in the stages of sleep? (1, 2, 3, 4, REM)?
    • 50% in stage 2. 
    • 20% stage 3. 
    • 30% in the others.

    babies spend 50% in REM.
  17. what is going on in stage 1 of sleep?
    light. drift in and out. "feeling like falling". eyes move slowly, muscles relaxing.
  18. what is going on in stage 2 sleep?
    eye movements stop. brain waves slower. occasional rapid waves called "brain spindles".
  19. what is going on in stage 3/4 of sleep?
    delta waves. deep sleep. if you wake them up, they're groggy for a couple minutes. children experience bedwetting. sleepwalking.
  20. what stage of sleep do "delta waves" appear?
  21. what is going on in REM sleep?
    breathing rapid. irregular. shallow. eyes move rapidly. limbs paralyzed. HR, BP, erections, dreams.
  22. what is most common form of child abuse?
  23. are boys or girls more likely to be abused?
  24. poor or rich people are most likely to abuse their partner?
  25. in rape-trauma-syndrome, there are two ways people react in the acute phase, expressed and controlled. describe them.
    expressed - overt behaviors. crying sobbing. smiling. laughing. anger. confusion.

    controlled - inchoherance, disorientation, calm, shock, numbness, distracted, can't make decisions
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