Edu 213 Foundations Of Education Vocab Ch.3

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  1. After-School Programs
    Programs Provided by schools that extend the school day and provide programs and activities that support students social and educational needs.
  2. Age-Graded Approach
    Assigning children to a grade level according to their age.
  3. Alternative Schools
    Schools formed by public schools and private groups as alternatives to existing public schools.
  4. Carnegie Unit
    A credit awarded for successfully completing a high school course and used in determining graduation requirements and college admissions.
  5. Charter Schools
    Provide free public elementary/secondary education under a charter granted by the state legislature or other appropriate authority.
  6. Comprehensive High Schools
    High schools that serve a large and diverse student body and provide a wide range of services and curricula to students.
  7. Head Start
    Started in 1965, the first early major childhood program subsidized by the federal government provides comprehensive services to low-income students and their families.
  8. Magnet Schools
    Designed to attract diverse students from all over the district or attendance area and to address issues of equity in course and program offerings. Many magnet schools have a particular curriculum or program emphasis.
  9. Preschool and Prekindergarten (pre-K)
    Programs that serve children ages 3-5.
  10. School District
    An administrative unit empowered by a state to run a community's school.
  11. Standards-Based Education
    Instruction aimed at providing students the specific skills and levels of competency necessary to move through the educational system.
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