BIOL 404-Endocrine 2

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  1. 41.Protease activity cleaves what portion of the pro-insulin molecule to form the final hormone?
    Center third of the molecule
  2. 42.The cleaved center third of an insulin molecule is called?
    C peptide
  3. 43.The final insulin product has what two chains wtill intact?
    A and C chain
  4. 44.The A and C chain of an insulin molecule are held together by wht?
    2 disulfide bonds
  5. 45.The amino terminal is on which peptide of insulin?
    The B peptide
  6. 46.The carboxyl terminal is on which peptide of insulin?
    The A peptide
  7. 47.insulin is differnt from proinulin by what characteristic?
    ◦◦The A, C and B chain with a signal peptide attached to the B chain.
  8. 48.Proinsulin has what parts?
    ◦◦A, C and B peptides with dislufide linkers (2) between the A and B components.
  9. 49.insulin is differnt from proinsulin by what parts?
    ◦◦No C peptide
  10. 50.The first three steps of steroid production are:
    • ◦Signal for steroid production
    • ◦Activation of cAMP
    • ◦Protein Kinase A activation of cholesterol esterase
  11. 51.Steps 4-5of Steroid synthesis are:
    4 & 5) Cholesterol transported by steroidenic acute regulatory protein to mitochondria
  12. 52.Dteps 6-9 of steroid synthesis are:
    • ◦transport between mitochondria ER
    • ◦ diffusion via lipid bilayer to blood
  13. 53.PKA stands for
    Protein Kinase A
  14. 54.LDL stands for
    Low density lipoproteins
  15. 55.StAR stands for:
    steroidenic acute regulator protein
  16. 56.PBR stands for:
    peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor
  17. 57.Sex steroid produced in the adrenal gland is:
  18. 58.Sex steroids produced in the Gonads are:
    • ◦Androstenedione
    • ◦Testosterone
    • ◦Estradiol
  19. 59.Steroids of the adrenal gland are:
    • ◦Progesterone
    • ◦Corticosterone
    • ◦Aldosterone
  20. 60.Mineral corticoid produced in the adrenal cortex is:
    • Aldosterone
    • Progesterine
    • Androstenedione
  21. 61.Glucococorticoid produced in the adrenal gland is:
  22. 62.Androstenedione is produced where?
  23. 63.Androstenedione is what type of steroid?
    Sex steroid
  24. 64.Testosterone is porduced where?
  25. 65.Testosterone is what type of steroid?
    Sex steroid
  26. 66.Estradoil is what type of steroid?
    sex steroid
  27. 67.Estradoil is produced where?
  28. 68.Progesterone is what type of steroid?
    Sex steroid
  29. 69.Corticosterone is what type of steroid?
  30. 70.Corticosterone is produced where?
    Adrenal Cortex
  31. 71.Aldosterone is what type of steroid?
  32. 72.Aldosterone is produced where?
    Adrenal cortex
  33. 73.Cholesterol can be converted directly into what three hormones?
    • ◦Coricol
    • Progesterone
    • Androstenedione
  34. 74.Progesterone can be converted directly into what two steroids?
    • ◦Corticol
    • Andorstenedione
  35. 75.What are the intermediates between cholesterol and Aldosterone?
    • ◦Pregnenolone
    • progesterone
    • corticosterone
  36. 76.What are the intermediates between Cholesterol and Cortisol?
    • ◦Pregnenolone
    • ◦17-Hydroxyprogesterone
  37. 77.What are the intermediates between Chlolesterol and Androstensdione?
    • ◦pregnenolone
    • ◦dehydroepiandrosterone
    • ◦OR
    • ◦Prenenolone
    • ◦17-Hydroxyprogesterone
    • ◦OR
    • ◦Pregnenolone
    • ◦Progesterone
    • ◦17-hydroxyprogesterone
  38. 78.Aromatase converts Adnrostenedione into __________ in the gonads?
  39. 79.Aromatase converts Testosterone into what in the Gonads?
  40. 80.What hormone is secreted by the testis?
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