BIOL 404-Endocrine 4

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  1. 121.Up and down regulation are what type of modulations?
    receptor number modulations
  2. 122.What are the three segments of neuronal imputs for hormone regulation?
    • ◦autonomic nervous system
    • ◦hypothalamus
    • ◦Central nervous system
  3. 123.What divisions of the autonomic nervous system play a role in hormonal regulation?
    • ◦Adrenal medulla
    • ◦Endocrine gland cells
  4. 124.What divisions of the central nervous system are involved in hormone regulation?
    Autonomic nervous system and the hypothalamus
  5. 125.What divisions of the hypothalamus are involved in hormone regulation?
    Anterior pituitary and the posterio pituitary
  6. 126.The hypothalamus interacts with the anterior pituitary via?
  7. 127.the hypothalamus interacts with the posterior pituitary via:
    Direct electrical signal via neurons
  8. 128.The CNS interacts with the adrenal medulla via:
    direct electrical signal via neurons
  9. 129.The CNS interacts with endocrine gland cells via:
    neurons synapsed in the autonomic galnglion and then direct neural contact with the gland cell.
  10. 130.Types of endocrine disorders can be broken into two catagories:
    • ◦endocrine gland secretion
    • ◦target gland response
  11. 131.types of endocrine gland production disorders are:
    hypersecretion and hyposecretion
  12. 132.types of target gland response disorders are:
    hyporesponsive or hyperresponsive
  13. 133.Endocrine products are secreted and carried/delivered via:
    the blood
  14. 134.Classes of hormones are (3):
    • ◦amines
    • peptides
    • steroids
  15. 135.Water insoluble hormones require what for transport?
    protein carrier
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