BIOL 404-Endocrine 6

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  1. 41.Hypothalmic releasing hormones affect the anterior pituitary via what circulatory system
    Hypophyseal portal circulation
  2. 42.What are the hypothalmic releasing hormones?
    • ◦TRH
    • GnRH
    • CRH
    • GHRH
  3. 43.TRH is:
    Thyrotropin releasing hormone
  4. 44.TRH stimulates:
    thyrotrophin (TSH) secretion
  5. 45.Thyrotrophin secretion in teh anterior pituitary is under the control of what hypothalmic hormone?
    TRH = Thyrotropin relseasing hormone
  6. 46.GnRH stands for:
    Gonadotropin releasing hormone
  7. 47.GnRH stimulates:
    gonadotrophin secretion (LH and FSH)
  8. 48.Gonadotrophin (LH and FSH) are stimulated for secretion by what Hypothalmic hormone?
  9. 49.CRH stands for:
    Corticotropin-releasing hormone
  10. 50.CRH stimulates:
    The secretion of corticotrophin (ACTH)
  11. 51.Corticotrophin or ACTH is stimulated to be released by what Hypothalmic hormone?
  12. 52.GHRH stands for:
    Growth hormone releasing hormone
  13. 53.GHRH stimulates:
    secretion of GH
  14. 54.GH secretion is stimulated by:
  15. 55.Dopamine inhibits the secretion of
  16. 56.SS stands for:
  17. 57.DA stands for:
  18. 58.GHRH increase teh synthesis of of GH via:
    AC-cAMP PKA-CREB pathway
  19. 59.What five cell types are found in the Anterior pituitary?
    • Thyrotrophs
    • Gonadotrophs
    • Lactotrophs
    • Somatotrophs
    • Corticotrophs
  20. 60.Thyrotrophs secrete what hormone?
    TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
  21. 61.TSH stimulates what?
    synthesis and secretion of thyroid hormones
  22. 62.What hormone stimulate sthe synthesis and secretion fo thyroid hormones?
  23. 63.What type of cell in the anterior pituitary produceds TSH?
  24. 64.Where are Thyro trophs located?
    Anterior pituitary
  25. 65.TSh is secreted from what organ?
    Anterior pituitary
  26. 66.Gonadotrophs are cells in the anterior pituitary that secrete what hormone?
    ◦Gonadotrophins: LH and FSH
  27. 67.LH and FSH stimulate what?
    steroid biosynthesis and germ cell maturation in the gonads
  28. 68.What hormone stimulates steroid biosynthesis and germ cell maturation in the gonads?
    ◦Gonadotrophins: LH and FSH
  29. 69.Gonadotrophins (LH and FSH) are produced in what type of anterior pituitary cells?
  30. 70.LH and FSH are produced in what organ?
    Anterior pituitary
  31. 71.Corticotrophs of the anterior pituitary produce what hormone?
    ACTH (adrenocorticotrophic hormone)
  32. 72.Adrenocorticotrophic hormone stimulates what?
    Steroid biosythesis in the adrenal cortex
  33. 73.What hormone stimulates steroid biosynthesis in the adrenal cortex?
  34. 74.ACTH stands for:
    Adrenocorticotrophic hormone
  35. 75.ACTH is produced in what anterior pituitary cell type?
  36. 76.Adrenocorticotrophic hormone is produced in what organ?
    Anterior pituitary
  37. 77.Somatotrophs produce what hormone?
    Somatotrophin = GH
  38. 78.An example of a somatotrophin is:
    GH (growth hormone)
  39. 79.GH stimulates:
    growth via insulin like growth factor (IGF-1)
  40. 80.IGF-1 stands for:
    insulin like growth factor
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