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  1. What is the word for male in the Bejing Opera?
    male= SHENG

    • Sheng: It's a common name of male characters and composed of Lao Sheng and Xiao Sheng.
    • Lao Sheng refers to the middle-aged man with a beard who acts as the decency figure; for example, Zhugeliang in 'Empty City Scheme'.
    • Xiao Sheng means young man without a beard.
  2. What is the word for female in the Beging Opera?
    Female= Dan

    • Dan: The general name for female characters can be divided into Zhengdan, Huadan, Laodan, Wudan.
    • Zhengdan is also called 'Qingyi', who mainly plays the part of the strong-minded middle-aged woman who behaves elegantly.
    • Huadan refers to little girls who often live in the bottom of society.
    • Laodan refers to the senior woman and Wudan indicates the female who is good at fighting.
  3. What is the word for painted face role in the Bejing Opera?

    • Jing: Painted face often refers to male characters with unique appearance or personality, such as Baozheng and Caocao. Besides,
    • Chou is a comic role or villainous character or righteous person.
    • The actor's nose is painted by a piece of white powder, making him or her easily recognizable.
  4. What is Stage Properties (Qimo) in reference to Bejing Opera?
    • Qimo is a general designation for all kinds of stage properties and simple settings used in Beijing Opera performances.
    • It comes from the real life experience.
    • For example, an actor can practice the scene of galloping the horse simply by using a horsewhip without riding a real horse on stage.
    • A bridge is made up of two chairs standing on each side of a table. Storms are realized by performers dancing with umbrellas.
    • The imaginary performance skills largely bring to performers the freedom to express more life scenes.
     (melodic ensemble)
  6. What does WUCHANG mean?
     (percussion ensemble) 
  7. what is an (ERHU) 
     a bowed and plucked instr
  8. What is a HIQU?
     spiked fiddles

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