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  1. Cahier Doleances: The Third Estate Speaks date
  2. Cahier de Doleances: The Third Estate Speaks 
    • Louis XVI inherited France with debt and numerous complaints. As a result, the Cahiers were an attempt to help Louis XVI figure out the areas of reform. Although respectful, he attempts to rid society of absolutism.
    • It begins with a humble kissing up in a respectable tone, saying happiness depends on the king.
    • They then acknowledge all the areas that perpetuate the existence of the monarchy, such as taes, religion, morality, civil liberty, etc. They ask the king to at least consider their pleas.
    • By voicing their discontent, they are doing their duty for the citizens and subjects. 
    • What they ask for is:
    • - unified worship (only the Roman Catholic Church), while still allowing, but not extending, rights of non-catholics
    • - abolishing annates and prohibiting holding multiple church positions, reducing monasteries and holidays
    • - rights just restored to nation should be permanent, fundamental principles without violation
    • - people subject to laws and taxes they make with no exemptions
    • - Estates-General should meet regularly
    • -dues abolished and third estate restrictions of holding office abolished
    • - counting by head in assemblies
    • - no arbitrary orders for imprisonment and freedom of press
  3. Date of 
    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
  4. Description of
    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
    • IT was created by the National Assembly to calm the people's fear of foreign mercenaries invading France. They applied reason to practical politics. 
    • Reasons: they believed that the neglect of the rights of man are the cause of calamities and corrupiton; to remind the legislative and executive powers of their purpose and be more respected; to quell grievances
    • Rights:
    • - men born and remain free with preserved rights
    • - noone can take authority themselves
    • - liberty is doing whatever doesn't injure another and law must not inhibit this since it is just the general will
    • - no arbitrary arrest or punishment, but if summoned they must go
    • - freedom of opinions adn ideas
    • - security of rights requires public military forces
    • - people must contribute for the cost of forces and admin
  5. Birth and death of Napoleon
  6. Date of the Napoleonic Code
  7. When did Napoleon take power?
  8. Description of the Napoleonic Code
    • Laws are to be executed throughout the whole French territory. he even gives deadlines. FOr example, the department must abide by the law one day after the promulgation.
    • Furthermore, laws are only for future and bind all. 
    • It is divided into books, titles, chapters, and sections. THe basic ideas are:
    • - every Frenchman shall enjoy civil rights. If you are not a Frenchman, your rights depend on the quality of citizen. 
    • In terms of married persons, it preaches fidelity, protectin of the wife, and the wife's obedience to her husband. Not onyl that, but the wife is dependent on her husband as she must follow him and cannot plead in her own name. 
    • If the husband refuses to allow the wife to plead in her own name, the judge may give her authority. 
    • Trades that belong to the wife do not need the husbands authorty. However, if they share a trade, she does. 
    • The wife can make a will without her husband's approval 

    In terms of divorce, the children are to go with the husband, unless otherwise told. 

    • Paternal Power:
    • A father can have his child confined as punishment and always abridge the duration if he wanted to 

    • Modes of Acquiring Property:
    • Husband control's wife's property and can do what he wants with it without her consent unless it does not belong to hte community

    • Donations and Wills:
    • a married woman can't donate without consent of her husband

    The husband administers the property of the community, but it can't be used by the wife to bail him out of prison unless authorized by the law
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