SAT Vocabulary (cont.)

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  1. burgeoning
    growing or developing quickly
  2. candid
    open an direct, frank, straightforward
  3. candor
    the state or quality of being frank, open and sincere in speech or expression
  4. capitulate
    to yield, surrender, esp. under specifically negotiated terms.
  5. castigate
    to criticize harshly or severely, berate.
  6. celerity
    speed, quickness
  7. chagrined
    embarrassed or annoyed as a result of failure, humiliation  or disappointed.
  8. charade
    an elaborate and obvious show or illusion
  9. chastise
    to criticize or scold harshly
  10. circumlocution
    a roundabout or wordly way of expressing an idea
  11. cite
    to refer to quote
  12. clarify
    to make clear or easier to understand
  13. coerce
    to force or compel by threats, intimidation, or violence
  14. cogent
    convincing or believable by virtue of forcible, clear, or incisive presentation.
  15. coincide
    to occur at the same time or be in the same position  in space at the same time
  16. collaborative
    done by working together, cooperative, pertaining for a illegal or wrongful purpose
  17. collusion
    a secret agrement or cooperation between persons for a illegal or wrongful purpose
  18. combustible
    capable of catching fire and burning
  19. commonplace
    ordinary, dull, unremarkable
  20. compel
    to force, drive
  21. competence
    sufficient skill, ability, or fitness, the state or condition of being qualified or capable
  22. complex
    having two or more interrelated arts, complicated or involved, not simple
  23. composure
    calmness, control over one's emotions
  24. concede
    to acknowledge as being true, reasonable, or proper
  25. conciliate
    to overcome the distrust or animosity of; appease
  26. concise
    short and to the point, brief and clear
  27. conclusive
    serving to settle a question or put an end to doubt
  28. concoct
    to make up, invent, cook up
  29. concordance
    an alphabetical index of the important words in a written work
  30. concur
    to agree
  31. confirm
    to establish as true or certain, make firm or binding, strengthen, support
  32. conjecture
    an opinion or conclusion based on insufficient evidence, a guess
  33. consequence
    a logical or natural result, outcome, or effect
  34. conspirtorial
    pert. to or characteristic of a conspiracy or of the persons involved in it
  35. contemporary (2)
    current, modern, of the present time
  36. contention
    a claim that someone supports and argues for
  37. contradiction
    opposition or lack of agreement, logical inconsistency
  38. contrite
    feeling regret and sorrow for one's sins or offense; penitent.
  39. conviction
    a strong belief or opinion
  40. copious
    large in quantity  great in number, yielding or containing class participation.
  41. correlate
    to correspond, be mutually related: grades correlate with class participation.
  42. corrupt
    to make dishonest, evil, wicked, or impure
  43. coup
    a brilliant move or action, clever maneuver
  44. covetous
    having a strong desire for something that belongs to someone else
  45. credulous
    willing to believe or trust too readily, esp. without proper or adequate evidence: gulliable
  46. critertion
    a standard, rule, or test on which a judgement or decision is based
  47. cryptic
    mysterious, baffling, having a hidden meaning
  48. culpable
    deserving blame, guilty
  49. debase
    to make lower in value, quality, character, or dignity
  50. deceive
    to lie, trick, mislead
  51. decisive
    determining an outcome, ending doubt, settling an issue or question.
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