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  1. When was napoleon born?
  2. How did Napoleon (nap) come to power?
    • good military leaser. 
    • given command of the French army fighting the Austrians in Italy
  3. Did he defeat the Austrians?
    What did he do after?
       Does he succeed in this?
    • Yes.
    • He decided to take out Egypt and India (which belonged to the British)
    • No
  4. EAR?
    • England, Austria, Russia
    • formed a coalition
  5. how does nap establish a dictatorship?
    • by forming a consulate. 
    • a new constitution
    •    republican framework with most power to 1 consul
  6. what is a consul?
    what can a first consul do?
    • government officials
    • make laws
    • command the army
    • declare war
    • select officials for gov.
  7. How did nap contralize the government?
    (naps acc. 1)
    • appointed district governors called prefects
    • brought local gov under authority of central
  8. Throughout Franco, he got rid of what?
  9. What did he sign in 1800 with the US? (what did it end)
    • a treaty
    • ended fighting tween French and American ships
  10. What did he break when he defeated Autria
    • the second coalition of EAR
    • signed peace treaties
  11. what code did he revise?
    • the Civil Code
    • code is imp influence on law codes in world
  12. what monetary budget thing did he accomplish?
    • balanced the budget
    • established the Bank of France
  13. Concordat?
    • agreement in 1801 with Pope to settle religious differences
    • - pope could select bishops
    • - state would pay clergy
    • - church gave up property claims
  14. what university did he create?
    • University of France
    • state agency in control of education
  15. 1804 he did what drastic thing?
    changed republican form to empire and crowned himself emperor
  16. what formed because of emperorness?
    the third coalition with england and russia
  17. how did nap's conquer to england fail? who did it?
    french fleet was destroyed by lord neslon a trafalgar
  18. what did Russia do that was suprising?
    • switch sides
    • joined france in treaty of Tilsit in 1807
  19. 1808 Nap was master of Europe. what 3 things made him so?
    • spain was under his control
    • germanies and italy under his control
    • Austria, Prussia, Russia were allied with him 
    •   England remained free
  20. Nap's Downfall
    Failure of continental system
    • Nap attempted to break England's economy by stopping its trade with Europe (Continental System)
    • england made it bigger
    • caused economy troubles in france
  21. nationalism (naps downfall)
    • people thought of liberty, equality, and fraternity
    • spain, portugal, prussia, austria revolted against french revolution
  22. nap got old (his downfall)
    • tried to do to much
    • got in a fight with russia and they scortched the earth
    • city of moscow was burned
    • winter was harsh
  23. where was nap defeated by Prussia, Russia, and Austria?
  24. defeated a second time in?
  25. imprisoned where?
    St. Helena in South Atlantic
  27. latin america against?
    Spain and Portuguese
  28. what led to violent outbreak?
    • prosperity lead to people wanting to be independent
    • Intendant system was weak and corrupt
    • enlightenment ideas
    • american rev. as an example
    • french rev. of liberty, equality, and fraternity
    • encouraged by revolutionarys
  29. Fredinard III?
    spanish ruler
  30. ferdinard was displaced by Nap and latin americans acted loyal to Ferdinard, but in reality striving for independance
  31. latin america declared war when?
    • after napoleonic phase
    • chief organizators where the following: on next flash cards
  32. Simon Bolivar
    revolutionary leader in north, located in venezuela
  33. francisco de miranda
    intellectual who was exiled to europe where he pleased for british aid in latin american cause
  34. Hidalgo
    mexican priest who was a radical revolutionary
  35. jose de san martin
    liberator of much of south america in the south
  36. what happened from 1810-1820 to revolutionary leaders
    exiled or discredited
  37. ferdinand VII
    resumed spanish throne, but everyone ignored him
  38. 1825 bolivar completed what?
    1821 mexico?
    • the drive for independance
    • 1821 mex was independent
  39. who helped mex get its ind.
  40. Pedro I?
    1822- Brazil
    • portuguese emperor
    • brazil indep.
  42. what did romanticism react against?
    • rationalism
    • formalism
    • deism
  43. what was romanticism characterized as?
    • appear to emotion rather than reason
    • limitation of classical styles
    • nature
    • nationalism
    • religion
    • optimism
    • popular in lower class
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