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  1. Describe a situation in which you identified a problem and took action to correct it rather than wait for someone else to do so.
    Field maintenance and OC Maintenance have not fully leveraged resources due to acting as seperate units.  Engaged in regular conversation with Field maintenance supervisor about the possibilities.  Started discussing staffing issues of both units and how to combine resources
  2. Describe a time when your quick response to a problem or situation made a difference.  What happened?
    Water line break under the concrete in the lower loading dock.  Late on a Friday afternoon and the weather was bad.  Called local contractors and called it an emergency.  We worked through the weekend to dig up the concrete, the result was to have the building operational on Monday morning.  This particular situation was successful becuase I understood the abilities of my team and the resources available to solve the problem.
  3. Describe how you have changed the way your business unit/department/group operates.  What prompted you to make these changes?
    Introduction into EOM Tririga and one team /one focus and one goal into our daily workflow.
  4. In your current position, what do you believe are the primary barriers to full empowerment and continuous improvement?  What have you done to address these barriers?
    In each situation there are limits to empowerment, for example I do not have the authority to close my building due to a weather event but I can make recommendations.  The first item is building trust with senior leadership and then demonstrating competence over time.  I can develop my influence in a given position and then start to take on more responsiblity as a result.
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