To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 12-15

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  1. austere
    adj. severe or strict in manner
  2. contemptuously
    adv. scornfully, with disrespect
  3. contentious
    adj. likely to cause an argument
  4. garish
    adj. obtrusively bright and showy
  5. devoid
    adj. entirely lacking
  6. flighty
    adj. fickle and irresponsible
  7. myopic
    adj. lacking intellectual insight
  8. obliquely
    adv. not directly
  9. prerogative
    n. right exclusive to a particular individual
  10. tactful
    adj. expressing sensibility/understanding
  11. bushel
    n. measure of capacity for dry goods
  12. erosion
    n. gradual destruction of something
  13. infallible
    adj. incapable of making mistakes
  14. taut
    adj. stretched or pulled tight
  15. acquiescence
    v. to accept something reluctantly but without protest
  16. aggregation
    n. group
  17. begrudge
    v. to envy the possession of
  18. ecclesiastical
    adj. relating to the Christian Church
  19. façade
    n. the face of a building
  20. futility
    n. pointlessness
  21. succinct
    adj. clearly expressed
  22. uncouth
    adj. lacking good manners
  23. venerable
    adj. given a great deal of respect
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