Bio 2.2 Lab Exam 3 Tissues

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  1. What are the four major tissue groups?
    • Epithelial Tissues
    • Connective Tissues
    • Muscular Tissues
    • Nervous Tissues
  2. What is a single layer of epithelial tissue called?
    Simple Epithelia
  3. What is are multiple layers of epithelial tissue called?
    Stratified Epithelia
  4. What are squamous cells?
    Flat and scale-like epithelial cells.
  5. What are cuboidal cells?
    Cube shaped epithelial cells.
  6. What are columnar cells?
    Rectangular shaped epithelial cells.
  7. What do all connective tissues secrete?
    Extracellular matrix (ECM)
  8. What is the ECM composed of?
    • Protein Fibers: Collagen or Elastic Fibers
    • Ground Substance (Glycoproteins)
  9. What is the purpose of collagen in the ECM?
    Adds strength.
  10. What is the purpose of elastic fibers in the ECM?
    Stretching and recoil.
  11. What is the purpose of the ground substance in the ECM?
    Holds water.
  12. What are the two loose connective tissues?
    • Areolar Connective Tissue (Wrapping)
    • Adipose Connective Tissue (Fat)
  13. What are the two dense connective tissues?
    • Dense Regular Connective Tissue
    • Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
  14. What are the three types of muscle tissue?
    • Skeletal (Voluntary)
    • Smooth (Involuntary)
    • Cardiac
  15. What is the purpose of skeletal muscle tissue?
    Connected to the skeleton, moves bones.
  16. What is the purpose of smooth muscle tissue?
    Line inside of hollow organs.
  17. What is the purpose of cardiac muscle tissue?
    Pump blood to the body.
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