OB ch 7

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  1. What are the most obvious changes in the cervix with pregnancy
    color and consistency
  2. What is chadwicks sign
    • One of the earliest signs of pregnancy
    • cervix is congested w/blood resulting in bluish purple color that extend to labia and vagina
  3. What is Godell sign
    softening of the cervical tip observed around week 6 of pregnancy
  4. The cervix of a nullipara( 1st pregnancy) is
  5. Multipara cervix becomes
    oval w/an external os appears as a transverse slit
  6. The endocervical tissue resembles _______ that fills with ________ secreted by the cervical glands
    • honeycomb
    • mucus
  7. What is the operculum
    • a mucus plug that blocks bacteria from entering the vagina & uterus
    • protects the fetus & membranes from infection
  8. What happens to the vagina and vulva during pregnancy
    increased vascularity leads to elongation
  9. Pregnancy hormones cause what types of changes in the vagina and vulva
    • Vaginal mucosa thickens
    • connective tissue loosen
    • smooth muscle hypertrophy
    • vagina vault lengthens
  10. What causes increased sensitivity in the vagina and vulva
    the increased vascularity
  11. What is the major function of the ovaries during the first 6-7 weeks of pregnancy
    secrete progesterone to maintain pregnancy
  12. If the ovaries do not secrete enough progesterone what occurs
  13. Why does lactation begin after birth
    estrogen levels decline after birth
  14. What happens to heart rates with pregnancy
    btwn 14-20 wk pulse rate increases 10-15 BPM
  15. What happens to blood volume during pregnancy
    increases 30-45%
  16. Why is plasma volume increased by 40-60% in pregnancy
    • to transport nutrients & O2 to placenta for fetus
    • to meet demands for expanded maternal tissue in the uterus & breasts
  17. What happens to the breast during pregnancy
    • Nipples get bigger, darker, and more erect
    • areola become darker and larger
    • breast become full and sensitive
  18. Since plasma volume increases what happens to maternal H&H
    RBC are diluted leading to physiological anemia
  19. What does pregnancy increase the risk for clots
    it is a hypercoaguable state because factors to increase coagulation are increased & factor to inhibit coagulation are deceased
  20. Why are iron supplements necessary in pregnancy
    • promote hemoglobin synthesis
    • ensures erythrocyte production
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