The Stress Response

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  1. homeostasis 
    tendency of body to maintain a state of balance while continually changing 

    • automatic in a healthy person 
    • compensates for abnormal occurrences
  2. homeostatic mechanisms 
    • autonomic nervous system 
    • endocrine system 
    • kidneys 
    • cardiovascular system 
    • respiratory system 
    • gastro-intestinal system
  3. three stages of stress response 
    • alarm reaction( mobilization of defenses) (body functions are heightened to respond to a stressor ex. elevated bp, hr, r,...) 
    • resistance(attempt to cope; body functions normalize while responding to stressor) 
    • exhaustion(spreads, recover, or die; body functions are no longer able to maintain a response to the stressor)
  4. Autonomic nervous system 
    sympathetic (fight or flight)
    in charge during stress
  5. ANS 
    • promotes digestion 
    • promotes elimination 
    • controls body at rest
  6. sympathetic response 
    • adrenal medulla stimulated(epinephrine, norepinephrine) 
    • dilates bronchioles 
    • shortens time for blood clotting 
    • boosts metabolism 
    • increases BP, P , R 
    • sends blood to skeletal muscles 
    • increases blood glucose 
    • increases alertness
  7. endocrine response 
    • anterior pituitary (ACTH) 
    •   ACTH stimulates adrenal gland 
    •   Adrenal cortex 
    •       cortisol(gluconeogenesis from glycogen in liver) 
    •       aldosterone(save sodium) 
    • Posterior pituitary ?
  8. other body responses 
    (emotional, cognitive, verbal motor )
    • emotional response (anxiety, anger) 
    • cognitive response (problem solving, suppression, prayer) 
    • verbal motor response (crying , laughing, screaming, acting out)
  9. Factors affecting stress response 
    • perception of the stressor 
    • number of simultaneous stressors 
    • duration of the exposure to the stressor 
    • previous experience with stressor 
    • support available
  10. Nursing Implications 
    • minimize anxiety 
    • mediate anger 
    • exercise 
    • nutrition 
    • rest 
    • relaxation 
    • problem solving
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