Marketing quiz 3

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  1. Supply Chain Management
    A set of approaches used to integrate the functions of operations management, logistics management, supply management and marketing channel management so products are produced and distributed in the right quantities to the right locations at the right time.
  2. Marketing intermediaries
    Middlemen that link producers to other intermediaries or ultimate consumers through contractual arrangements or through the purchase and resale of products.
  3. Different types of utility created
    • Time 
    •     Having product available when the customers wants them.

    • Place
    •      created by making products available in locations where customers want them. 

    • Possession 
    •     Customers have access to the product for use or to store for future use

    • Form
    •      Assembling, preparing, or otherwise refining the product to suit individual customer needs.
  4. Direct marketing Channels
    From producers to consumers
  5. Retailers
    From producers to store to consumers.

    Walmart model
  6. Wholesaler
    From producer to wholesaler to store to customers.

    Grocery store model
  7. Strategic Channel alliance
    An agreement whereby the products of one organization are distributed through the marketing channels of another

    Starbucks in Grocery stores
  8. Intensive distribution
    Using all available outlets to distribute

    For convenience goods like gum or pop.
  9. Selective distribution
    Using only some available outlets in an area to distribute a product. 

    Shopping products like clothes
  10. Exclusive distribution
    Using a single outlet in a fairly large geographic area to distribute a product. 

    Speciality products like Gucci hand bags.
  11. Reorder Point
    • Do I need more?
    •      (OLT X UR) + Safetey stocks = reorder point

    • Order lead time OLT
    •      Average between placing and receiving order

    • Usage rate       UR
    •      Rate it is sold

    • Safety stocks    SS
    •      Extra inventory
  12. Private wharehouse
    Company operated facility for storing and shipping products
  13. Public warehouse
    Storage space and related physical distribution facilities that can be leased by companies.
  14. Distribution center
    Large centralized warehouses that focus on moving rather then storing goods.
  15. Types of transporation
    Railroads, trucks, waterways, airways, and pipelines.
  16. Intermodal transportation.
    Two or more transportation models used in combination.
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