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  1. ELECTRIC Panel

    When performing the PRELIMINARY FLIGHT DECK PREPARATION, what is the minimum Battery Voltage?
    25.5 volts
  2. ELECTRIC Panel

    What do you do if Battery Voltage is < 25.5 volts during the PRELIMARY FLIGHT DECK PREPARATION?
    Select BATT push buttons to ON with EXT PWR on aircraft.
  3. ELECTRIC Panel

    How long does it take to charge the aircraft batteries?
    20 minutes
  4. ELECTRIC Panel

    When performing the FLIGHT DECK PREPARATION, what are we looking for on the ELEC panel BAT check?
    • ECAM ELEC page - select
    • BAT 1 & 2 - OFF then ON
    • Check BATT charge current is < 60 amps and decreasing within 10 seconds.
  5. ELECTRIC Panel

    Will the batteries completely drain if you leave the BAT switches in AUTO after AC power is removed?
    No - Battery cut-off logic prevents complete discharge when the aircraft is on the ground and unpowered - 22 volts DC
  6. ELECTRIC Panel

    How is the BATTERY BUS normally powered?
    DC BUS 1 via a DC tie contactor.
  7. ELECTRIC Panel

    What does the amber FAULT light in the GALLEY push button indicate?
    At least 1 generator load is above 100% of its rated output.
  8. ELECTRIC Panel

    How does the GALLEY push button work in AUTO?
    In AUTO, the GALLEY push button sheds the main galley and in-seat power supply if:

    • only 1 generator (APU or Engine) is available in FLIGHT, or
    • only 1 ENGINE generator is available on the GROUND.
  9. ELECTRIC Panel

    What is the max continuous load rating for the Engine and APU generators?
    90 kVA is the max engine and apu generator load rating.
  10. ELECTRIC Panel

    What does a FAULT on the ENG GEN push button indicate?
    • A fault is detected by the GCU:
    • overload
    • over/under voltage
    • differential fault (short) and/or
    • The generator line contactor is open
  11. ELECTRIC Panel

    When is it normal to see the ENG GEN FAULT light illuminated?
    Prior to engine start because GEN is selected ON but line contactor is open - a normal condition.
  12. ELECTRIC Panel

    What does the APU GEN FAULT light indicate?
    The generator line contactor is open b/c of a fault detected by the GCU.
  13. When is the APU GEN FAULT light inhibited?
    • APU speed is too low
    • Line contactor OPEN after either the EXT PWR or ENG GEN takes over.
  14. ELECTRIC Panel

    What is the function of the BUS TIE in the AUTO position?
    • Allows the BUS TIE CONTACTORS to open and close automatically maintaining power to both AC BUS 1 & 2:
    • - allows a single source to power the entire sys
    • - allows connection of the APU GEN or EXT PWR to the system
    • - inhibits multiple sources to connect simultaneously
  15. ELECTRIC Panel

    What does IDG stand for?
    Integrated Drive Generator
  16. ELECTRIC Panel

    What is the function of the IDG?
    The IDG converts variable engine speed to constant speed for optimum generator operation (electric/solid state version of a CSD or automatic transmission).
  17. ELECTRIC Panel

    What does an IDG FAULT light indicate? (OOL)
    • Oil pressure low (inhibited when N2 < 14%)
    • Oil outlet temperature overheat
    • Light is inhibited when IDG is disconnected
  18. ELECTRIC Panel

    What precautions must you take when disconnecting an IDG?
    • Do not disconnect when the engine is not operating or windmilling
    • Do not hold the disconnect button longer than 3 seconds
  19. ELECTRIC Panel

    How can an IDG be reset?
    On the ground by maintenance personnel only.
  20. ELECTRIC Panel

    What is the function of the AC ESS FEED push button when in the normal position?
    It allows the AC BUS 1 to power the AC ESS BUS.
  21. ELECTRIC Panel

    How is AC ESS FEED transferred from AC BUS 1 to AC BUS 2?
    Manually by selecting ALTN on the AC ESS FEED push button.
  22. ELECTRIC Panel

    What does the AC ESS FEED push button white ALTN light indicate?
    AC BUS 2 is powering the AC ESS BUS
  23. ELECTRIC Panel

    What is the purpose of the static inverter?
    To provide AC power to the AC ESS Bus from the battery when the ENG GEN is not online when in the Emergency Electrical Configuration.
  24. ELECTRICAL Panel

    When is the battery check performed?
    During the FLIGHT DECK PREPARATION check of the ELEC panel
  25. ELECTRIC Panel

    What does a BAT FAULT light indicate?
    Battery charging current is outside limits (BAT contactor opens).
  26. ELECTRIC Panel

    What are the 3 times the batteries are connected to the BAT BUS?
    • APU start
    • Battery charging
    • AC BUS 1 & 2 are not powered and airspeed is below 100kts
  27. ELECTRIC Panel

    What is the priority sequence for electrical power (GEARB)?
    • GEN(s) - engine
    • EXT PWR (manually selected)
    • APU Generator
    • RAT Emergency Generator
    • Batteries
  28. ELECTRIC Panel

    With the APU green AVAIL light ON and the EXT PWR blue ON light illuminated which system is powering the aircraft?
  29. ELECTRIC Panel

    What is the significance of the green, red & yellow collared circuit breakers on the flight deck?
    • Green - Monitored by ECAM system
    • Red - Wing tip brake C/B
    • Yellow - Pulled in compliance with prescribed procedure on battery power only (older A-320s only)
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