Bus Guide Fuel Panel

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  1. FUEL Panel

    What is the normal in-flight fuel management scheme?
    Use center tank fuel followed by fuel in the wing tanks.
  2. FUEL Panel

    How many fuel pumps are installed?
    • 2 each wing tank
    • 2 center tank
    • 1 APU pump to provide fuel to the APU when the left wing or center pumps are OFF.
  3. FUEL Panel

    With full fuel, when do the center tank fuel pumps operate?
    • For 2 minutes after BOTH engines are started (if slats are retracted, pumps will continue to operate).
    • After slat retraction.
    • Center tank fuel pumps continue to run for 5 minutes until the center tank is empty or slats are extended.
  4. FUEL Panel

    What will cause a FUEL MODE SEL FAULT light?
    • Failure of the AUTO mode
    • Center tank contains more than 550#s and either main tank has < 11,000#s.
  5. Fuel Panel

    What is the approximate fuel capacity of each outer fuel tank?
  6. FUEL Panel

    When do the main tank outer cells drain into the inner tanks?
    When the inner tank quantity reaches 1,650#s.
  7. FUEL Panel

    If only one inner tank reaches 1,650#s what happens to the other transfer valves?
    All 4 transfer valves open.
  8. FUEL Panel

    Once opened to transfer fuel, how are the fuel transfer valves closed?
    Automatically at the next refueling operation.
  9. How is the IDG cooled?
    By fuel from the HP fuel pump drawn in from the fuel manifold then returned to the respective outer tank. When full the outer tank spills over to the inner tank.
  10. FUEL Panel

    If the IDG return fuel fills the wing tanks, what occurs?
    The center tank pumps turn off until the wing tank qty. reduces by 1,100#s.
  11. FUEL Panel

    What does an amber FAULT light in the FUEL PUMP push button indicate?
    Low fuel delivery pressure.
  12. FUEL Panel

    If the wing tank pumps fail, is suction feeding possible?
    Yes - only from the inner wing tank cells.
  13. FUEL Panel

    Can fuel be transferred from one tank to another?
    Only during ground refueling.
  14. FUEL Panel

    With full wing fuel, what prevents the IDG fuel from overfilling the wings?
    Seperate full level switches.
  15. FUEL Panel

    Why are the outer wing tanks drained last?
    To provide structural wing bending moment relief.
  16. FUEL Panel

    When does the APU fuel pump run?
    When the wing or center tank pumps are not on.
  17. FUEL Panel

    What does the REFUEL message on the ECAM indicate?
    The refueling control panel door is not closed.
  18. FUEL Panel

    What does an amber boxed ECAM FOB indicate?
    Some FOB is unusable.
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