Essay Four (1871-1914)

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  1. Mass Politics: Britain
    • Reform Act of 1867
    • Redistribution Act
    • Paying members of the House of Commons democratized Britain
    • Problem with Ireland and their desire for home rule
  2. Mass Politics: France
    • Provisional government set up until Bismarck forced creation based on universal male suffrageà monarchists were favoredà Commune createdà National Assembly crushes themà split between middle and working classà monarchists have power, but miss chanceà Third Republic formed with Senate, Chamber of Deputies, and president of 7 years
  3. Mass Politics: Spain
    • Parliamentary government dominated by Conservatives and Liberals
  4. Mass Politics: Italy
    • Division of industrialized north and unindustrialized south
  5. Mass Politics: Germany
    • % from nationalism and German constitution that aloowed upper house to have kings but lower house to have no minister
    • Prevention of change from Bismarck and army
  6. Mass Politics:  Austria-Hungary
    • Nationalism problems; held together by Francis Joseph, the imperial army, and the imperial bureaucracy
    • Hungary solved problem by Magyarization
  7. Mass Politics:  Russia
    • Eliminated mass politics; Alex III instituted Russification program
  8. Age of Modernity: Britain
    • Liberalism transformed as they adopted new social reforms and moved away from working class movement: trade unions (collective ownership) and Labour Party( Fabian Socialists, who stressed need for workers to use right to vote to capture House of Commons and enact legislation
    • David Lloyd George (they abandoned laissez-faire and enacted reforms [National Insurance Act and pensions]
    • Wanted to tax House of Lordsà discontentà Liberals pass legislation that restricted lords from impeding legislation
  9. Age of Modernity: France
    • Crises due to Anti-Semitism and Alfred Dreyfus
    • This led to change in government: moderates lost control to radicals who purged army of antirepublicans and undermined Catholic orders
  10. Age of Modernity: Italy
    • Liberals struggled and Giovanni Gioletti used transformismà more corruption
  11. Age of Modernity: Germany
    • Germany was strongest military and industrial powerà increase in industrialization and expansion of SDP and desire for more political participation but were blocked
  12. Age of Modernity: Austria-Hungary
    • Nationalities wanted out
    • Parliament sat around in desks
    • Hungary tried to separate self, but Joseph threatened suffrage
  13. Age of Modernity: Russia
    • Finally industrialized under Sergei Witteà pitiful conditions
    • Revolution due to confrontation with Japanà dissatisfaction of nationalities and their oppression, peasants, and laborersà Sunday Bloody Sundayà October Manifesto à temporary
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