History Test II (Theme 1-2)

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  2. Napoleon: what was his significance, his achievements and the cause of his down fall
    yes. (this is the main question)
  3. how did nap start the Consulate and then consolidate his power and position?
    • - started the consulate by seizing power when he won war against Austria
    • - had a new constitution written with fake republican framework and lots of power to consuls

    - called himself first consul, which was military leader

    - he could make laws, command army, declare war, select officials
  4. what did he achieve and how did he do it all?
    (nine basic achievments)
    • 1. centralized the gov. by appointing district gov. 
    • 2. did away with brigandage of Franco
    • 3. treaty with US: ended fights tween French and American ships
    • 4. broke second coalition of EAR
    • 5. revised civil code
    • 6. balanced the budget, Bank of France got established
    • 7. made the Concordat with pope (select state bishops, state pay salaries, church give up land)
    • 8. University of France
    • 9. crowned himself empire
  5. How did he progress the Emperor?
    • the empire?
    • started out rocky, when the third coalition formed and he failed to invade england

    • by 1808 he
    • - had spain under his control
    • - gemranies and italy under his control
    • - Austria, Prussia, and Russia were allied with him
  6. What were his mistakes that brought him down?
    • 1. failure of continental system
    • - tried to brake england economy from trading with europe
    • - hurt european economy

    • 2. rise of nationalism
    • - liberty, equality, and fraternity

    • 3. napoleon himself
    • - getting old, developed cancer
    • - ambition led him to fight Russia, his previous ally
  7. how did he rise and fall again and what was his ultimate fate?
    nap decided to fight Russia cuz he was stupid. the russians scorthed the earth and burned Moscow. he was facing winter and no food. 

    managed to escape. nap raised a new army in France but RPA defeted him at Leipzig

    gave up throne and given Elba. escaped and was beat at Waterloo.

    died and improsoned in St. Helena
  8. How did Napoleon I come to power?
    • he was a successful military leader
    • word of his awesome-ness spread in the National Convention
    • rewarded by given command of French army vs Austria. he won.
  9. what were his activities focused on inside of France between 1799-1804?
    • IDK!
    • - establish a dictatorship by re-writting a constitution
    • and his accomplishments?
    • - such as Bank of France, Civil Code, centralized gov.
  10. was he successful in that period inside France?
    Yes. he was. got his name to mean good things. (his ten accomplishments)
  11. What indicates his real intentions inside and outside of France in 1804?
    He changed the republican form of government to an empire and crowned himself Emperor, Nap. I
  12. what does he try to achieve in 1805?
    • he tried and failed to invade England
    • the British fleet destroyed the french fleet
  13. is Nap I successful in 1805 adventure and what role did Nelson pay?
    no he is not successful in invading England

    Lord Nelson at Trafalgar led the British fleet that destroyed the French fleet
  14. what is the Continental system and why are the Russians angry about it?
    this was when nap attempted to break england's economy by stopping England from trading with Europe

    the plan involved everyone to stop trading with England. Russia traded and they didnt want to stop. thats why they were mad (i think. it could be wrong!!)
  15. Why does Napoleon invade Russia?
    he was mad when they switched from being in an Alliance with France, to being in an alliance with the British.
  16. Why is he late in starting the invasion and will he succeed?
    - i think the answer to this is a women. im pretty sure the answer to this is in my notes 

    • no he will not succeed. 
    • the russian armies had retreated to avoid direct combat
    • russians scortched the earth and burned moscow
  17. Who is Katusov and what does he do?
  18. What is Borodino and its consequence?
  19. what happens to Napoleon and Moscow?
    • when Nap finally fights the russians he conquers Moscow, and finds that it is burned to the ground
    • causes him to retreat, could not do so before winter
    • only him and a small army escaped
  20. why does he retreat?
    • Winter is coming. and winter in Russia is harsh!
    • freeze his balls off
  21. what is Napoleon's fate in 1814?
    he was forced to give up his throne

    exiled/banished to Elba, a island in the Mediterranean
  22. what is his fate in 1815?
    • escaped exile and returned to france
    • raised another army and was defeated at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington
    • imprisoned in St. Helena
  23. when, were, and why, how does Napoleon die?

    • 1821?
    • in St. Helena where he was imprisoned
    • why does he die-? because he does. why do we all die?
    • how- controversial. some think his cancer got to him, others think his cancer medication was spiked.
  24. what forces do his empire unleash in Europe and the atlantic world
  26. What was the Congress of Vienna and the Congress system and how did it affect Europe and beyond through the early 1830's?
    MQ- main question. requires no answer at the moment.
  27. what was the immediate reaction to the Revolution and Napoleon in Europe?
    • congress of vienna?
    • restore monarchy and strong class distinctions which were upset by FR
  28. what was the Congress of Vienna?
    Who attended?
    a meeting

    • Metternich of Autria, the host
    • Lord Castlereagh, Foreign Minister, England
    • Tsar Alexander I of Russia
    • Talleyrand- France nobleman
  29. what were the dominant powers and who led the congress?
    • Austria, Metternich, was the host
    • Dominated post nap Europe
  30. what were the key issues?
    • lots of them
    • 1. principle of legitimacy
    • 2. balance of power
    • 3. limit france
    • 4-7. each person got some land
    • 8. german confederation was to replace HRE
    • 9. alliance system 
    • - holly alliance- APR
    • - quadruple alliance: EAR-P
  31. did the powers agree completely or was there a chance of conflict between them?
    i think there was conflict. IDK
  32. what actions did the Congress powers take to suppress change after the congress through the 1830s?
  33. Revolution (1815-1830)
    • main question
    • no answer
  34. in opposition to the congress attempt to hold things still what occured in 1830?
    • revolution!
    • no Matternich system
    • no opression
  35. what are the revolutionary attempts in the period 1814-1830?
    what did each try to do?
    French: reign had become anti-liberal. Charles X no call in reform and in July Paris broke out in revolt. resulting in anarchy until compromise. ended with Louis Phillippe

    Italy: rebirth. influences by nap they desired own Independence. no real organization at first but then got mazzini as a real leader and became awesome

    Poland: imitated france 1830, wanted away with Tsar Nicholas of Russia. got no help and lost

    Belgium: forced union with Dutch. same as poland but got help from Britain (comercial reasons) and won

    Germany: university students tried and failed
  36. what did they fail or succeed and how does this relate to the congress of vienna?
    tried to end rebellion. IDK
  37. what does it teach us about movements for national liberation?
    stopped answering. just dont do this question
  38. the french revolution of 1830 was caused by?
  39. who led the french revolution of 1830?
  40. what did most people wish to achieve?
  41. what was the consequence of the revolution of 1830 in France
  42. why didn't the congress powers intervene?
  43. Why did they intervene in Poland?
  44. how about the circumstance in the Netherlands?
  45. the conservative reaction was challenged continuously and finally overwhelmed.
  46. how and why did revolution spread around the atlantic rim?
  47. what were the effects in the Americas?
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