Dealer questions (David N)

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  1. Is Finance & Insurance (F&I) profit important to you and your dealership(s).
  2. What F&I products do you sell today?
  3. Who do you do business with today?
  4. How long have you done business with them?
  5. What products do they provide your dealership?
  6. Do they provide full F&I Training - along with providing you products?
  7. How often do they come into your dealership(s)?
  8. What do you like best about them?
  9. How are your F&I numbers trending - year over year?
  10. If they are increasing - what do you attribute the increase to?
  11. If they are flat or going backwards - why - and what is your current company doing to help?
  12. Are you currently in a profit participation program with any of your F&I products?
  13. If yes, what products?
  14. If yes, how long have you been in the program?
  15. If yes, how is the program performing?
  16. If no, would you be interested in capturing the profit from the products you currently sell?
  17. If I could provide you better products that created more profit and generated more loyal customers while making you more money - would you change F&I providers?
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Dealer questions

Question to ask the dealer to find their needs, wants and Problems.
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