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  1. ___________________________ carries with it the ________________________________from _______________ _____________________________ in the life of the society.
    • Minority
    • exclusion
    • full participation
  2. Although certain physical features have been associated with particular races, scientists have known for a long time that there is no such thing as a “________________” race.
  3. Researchers have found no _______________________________ inherited differencesin _______________________________ among the various races.
    • biologically
    • intelligence
  4. The ___________________________________ of racial discrimination based on allegeddifferences are _________________.
    • consequences
    • real
  5. _____________________ - _____________________________ has been the most prevalent pattern of assimilation in America.
    Anglo - conformity
  6. According to the ____________________________ - ______________________________ explanation, prejudice and discrimination are the products of deep-seated hostility and aggression that stem from frustration.
    frustration - aggression
  7. According to the symbolic interactionist perspective, we acquire prejudice and discrimination as we do other aspects of culture, through ______________________________.
  8. What’s more, symbolic interactionism underlies the concept of the __________________-___________________________ prophecy- when an expectation leads to behavior that _____________________ the expectation to become a reality.
    • fulfilling
    • then causes
  9. Abject ___________________________ remains a major fact of life among Native Americans, especially for many who remain on __________________________________.
    • poverty
    • reservations
  10. ________________________ Americans have been particularly successful at using the_____________________________ system for upward mobility
    • Asian
    • educational
  11. Therefore gender – the ______________________________and behaviors associated with a sex category within a society – is acquired through ______________________________.
    • exspectations
    • socialization
  12. On the basis of this evidence, Mead concluded that human nature is sufficiently _________________________ to rule out biological _______________________________of gender roles.
    • malleable
    • determination
  13. According to _________________________________, the division of responsibilities between males and females survived because it was _______________________________for human living.
    • functionalism
    • beneficial
  14. Also, they say, the barriers ____________________________ women from entry into higher level jobs ______________________ talents and skills that modern societies need.
    • blocking
    • waste
  15. The learning of gender behavior begins at _______________________ and is wellestablished by the time the child is two and a half years old.
  16. _________________________________, girls typically outperform boys in the early years of school.
  17. In general, ______________________________ constantly depicts men as __________________________________, ______________________________, and in charge of events. Women are portrayed as _______________________________ and _____________________________.
    • television
    • aggressive
    • independent
    • dependent
    • passive
  18. Gender _______________________ involve culturally based expectations associated with each sex. In a sense gender roles represent an ________________________, because in reality people do not always behave as expected.
    • roles
    • ideal
  19. “. . .women are hurt by ________________________: a set of beliefs, norms, and values used to justify sexual ________________________________.”
    • sexism
    • inequality
  20. More broadly, some sociologists point to the __________________________ hypothesis.That is, females are treated more _____________________________ than males because the men who control the ____________________________ justice system have a protective paternalistic) attitude toward women.
    • leniently
    • criminal
  21. Social                                  is the creation of                             (strata) of a population who possess                        shares of scarce desirables the most important of which are income,                                                   , and                           .
    • stratification
    • layers
    • unequal
    • wealth
    • power
    • prestige
  22. The third dimension of social stratification is                          - recognition,                     , and admiration attached to social positions.
    • prestige
    • respect
  23. Generally, there is a close relationship among these three dimensions is stratification. Those who are                   on one dimension tend to be                    on the other two.
    • high
    • high
  24. The most                           people fill the most                         positions ans perform their tasks competently; they are then           
    for their efforts.
    • quailfied
    • important
    • rewarded
  25. The                         hold a monopoly over the desirables, and they use their monopoly to       others.
    • elite
    • dominate
  26. "Marx used the term                                      to refer to the working class acceptance of the dominate ideology...."
    false consciousness
  27.                      poverty is the absence of enough money to secure life necessities....                             poverty is measured by comparing the economic conditions of those at the bottom of a society with that of other strata.
    • Absolute
    • Relative
  28. People i higher social class tend to marry        , experience lower                  rates, and have better                        adjustment.
    • later
    • divorce
    • marital
  29. In a                      system, thereis no                                  because social staus is inherited and cannot be changed.
    • Caste
    • social
    • mobility
  30. This type of social mobility, which occurs because of changes in the distribution of occupational opportunities, is called                                mobility
  31. How many people are enslaved today
    27 million
  32. What are the types of slavery?
    • Dept bondage -- brick ppl
    • sex slaves
    • forced labor
    • chattel slavery
  33. Today, slaves are              and                                               .
    • cheap
    • virtually disposable
  34. Property
    The primary dimension that divides ppl
  35. Power
    The ability to carry out your will despite resistance
  36. Prestige
    • Jobs at the top:
    •   pay more
    •   requires more education
    •   entail more abstract thought
  37. What are the three P's
    • Power 
    • Prestige
    • Property
  38. Status Consistancy
    All three P's
  39. Status inconsistency
    Teachers and Firefighters
  40. Functionally illiterate
    They cant really read or write well
  41. How does social class effect your death rate
    The lower your class the more likely you are to die!!! Before your expected age
  42. Deferred Gratification
    Giving up things in the present for the sake of greater gain in the future
  43. Two myths of race
    Any 1 race is superior to another

    Pure race exists
  44. We are all
  45. Prejudice
    an attitude
  46. Discrimination
    An act
  47. Women are victum of violance because
    men, feel like their loosing power try to exercise that power and control to achieve dominance
  48. Ageism
    Prejudice and discrimination based on age
  49. As we age in the US we
    go through great lengths to : Deny we are aging
  50. The dependency Ratio
    # of ppl needed to support 1 person on social security
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