alt mental 2 schizo

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  1. what is catatonia?
    abnormal movement. some kinda waxy flexibility.
  2. what is echopraxia?
    mimic movements
  3. echolalia? what is pt doing?
    mimic speech
  4. what is depersonalization?
    feeling of being away from body. (fingers as snakes, pinochio)
  5. what are the 4 As of schizo?
    • Affect - change. blunt. bizzare.
    • Associative looseness - disorganized thinking, jumbled, illogical thinking
    • Autism - thinking out of this world
    • Ambivalence - having 2 opposing feelings at the same time
  6. What are the three phases of schizo?
    • Phase I - acute: onset hallu, delu, may need hospital
    • Phase II - stabilazation: symptoms going away, may need day hospitalization. 
    • Phase III - maintenance: nearing baseline. sx absent or diminished. can live in community; on their own.
  7. apathy, no motivation, anhedonia are positive or negative symptoms?
  8. difficulty with memory, information processing are what kinda of symptoms?

  9. what is body dysmorphic disorder? is it chronic or acute?
    you think you have an ugly body part so you mirror check, make-up. CHRONS
  10. what is conversion d/o?
    deficit in voluntary movements (blindless, movement d/o, gait d/o, numbness).
  11. what is a dissociative d/o?
    defense mechanism that helps deal with overwhelming anxiety.
  12. what is dissociative fugue (latin for "flight")?
    person under extreme stress just forgets who they are and start a new personality. sx include leaving the house for an unplanned trip. no memory. person presents as normal.
  13. what is dissociative identity d/o?
    • - person with two IDs. one blocks the stressful event so they can function, the other is fixed on the traumatic event. 
    • - each has their own personality, relationships. switches during times of stress.
  14. what kinda interventions do we do for the acute phase or schizo?
    evaluation, pscyhopharmalogical, support, supervision
  15. what kinda interventions do we do for stage 2 and 3 (stabilization and maintenance)?
    group activites, couseling, health teaching/promotion, put on APs or AAP
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