Robotics Test 2

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  1. 2.- Define the term multitasking and give three examples of software that support that type of operation.(pg243)
    • Multitasking permits the cell controller to have multiple application programs running at the same time.
    • The software used for cell controllers in most applications is OS/2, Windows NT, or UNIX.
  2. 4.- List the components of a PLC system and describe the function of each. (pg246)
    PLC power supply, PLC input modules, PLC processor, PLC output modules, PLC communications modules and PLC purpose modules.
  3. 1.) Describe the four system functions performed by the computer in high technology robots.
    The four system function performed by the computer in robots are; manipulation, sensing, intelligence, and data processing. The manipulation controls the motion of all robot joints and work-cell actuators. The sensing gathers information from the physical work cell, modifies system operation. Intelligence is the ability to use information from work cell to modify system operation. Data processing is the capability to use databases and to communicate with other intelligent machines over networks including the capability to keep records. (pg.308)
  4. 7.) What is the function of the CYCLE START and END OF CYCLE programmed points in a robot program? When is the optimum position for the CYCLE START point? 
    The function of the CYCLE START is a position in which the robot starts the processing, a starting point. The END OF CYCLE is a branching command to direct the program execution back to the cycle start point. The most optimum position for the cycle start point should be located as close as possible to the main motion path of the tooling because the robot returns to this point after every manufacturing cycle. (pg.329)
  5. 12.) Describe the five methods used to program a translation point for a robot program. What program development situation or work cell condition would dictate the use of each method? Which method is used most often on robots in operation now? 
    The five methods used to program a translation point for a robot are; teaching of translations by robot positioning, teaching of translations by coordinate input, creation of new translations by algebraic expressions, creation of a new translation by means of an external interrupts, and downloading new translations through the RS-231C port. The teaching points by robot positioning are the method used most often. (Pg.326-328)
  6. 7.) What intangibles to robots offer in the justification process that are not found in other types of automation hardware? 
    Intangibles found in justification process are the displacement of human operators, increase productivity, and lower production cycle time. (pg.349)
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