Chapter 8

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  1. What was Rock-n-Roll music?
    • Defined characteristic for a generation
    • With Tv and Film, play a important role inventing teens as a commercial and cultural identity
    • Facilitated market from racial to generational
    • Made use of cover songs
  2. Who was a non performer?

    What did he do?
    Alan Freed

    • -Invented term "Rock-n-Roll"
    • -Promoted black bands playing to an integrated audience
    • -Career destroyed by "Payola" scandel
  3. What was the role of songwriters and producers?

    How were the role of producers more important.
    Increasing number of performers didn't write their own songs

    • -Responsible for characteristic "sound" of the recording
    • -Lieber and Stoller: important songwriting/producing team
    • --Wrote many hits for bands like the Coasters and Elvis
  4. Name three early Rock-n-Roll/R&B artists.
    • Chuck Berry
    • Little Richard
    • Fats Domino
  5. Who was Chuck berry?
    • Celebrated teenage culture
    • Greatest R&R influence on musicians
    • -(Clever lyrics and quality songwriter)
    • -(Fine vocalist/Pioneering guitarist)
  6. Who was Little Richard?
    • Known for visual flamboyance
    • Appered in movies (corss marketing)
    • Sexually ambiguos identity
    • Falsetto singing, uptempo songs, Boogie Woogie influenced piano style
  7. Who was Fats Domino?
    • 2nd best selling artist of 50's
    • Establish R&B performer before R&R became mainstream
    • New Orleans regional style
    • Jazz and Boogie Woogie influenced
    • Cover TPA standards
  8. Name 3 Rock-n-Roll/Country artists.
    • Bill Haley
    • Elvis Presley
    • Buddy Holly
  9. Who was Bill Haley?
    • Began Career as Western Swing band leader
    • Changed style and image to increase marketability
    • "Rock around the Clock" was thier most important hit
  10. Who was Elvis Presley?
    • Most popular R&R/Country artist
    • Began career on independent label (Sun), later major label (RCA)
  11. Who help Elvis's mainstream success and how?
    • Chet Atkin: Producer who developed "Nashvill Sound"
    • Col. Thomas parker: Managed public image
  12. Who was Buddy Holly?
    • Clean-cut image contrasted with Elvis
    • Began as a country artist, later moved into R&R
    • Died in famous plane crash that killed Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper
    • Influential song writer whose songs were recorded by later artist
    • Used new studio techniques like double-tracking
  13. Who implemented Folk music in the age of R&R?

    What did he do?
    -Kingston Trio

    • Continued tradition of groups like the Weavers
    • Featured acoustic,smooth,pop style recordings of folk songs
    • Helped maintain popularity of the L.P
    • -Dominated LP sales in the 50's
    • -Had a few hit singles, but #1 hit was "Tom Dooley"
    • -Known for optimistic, less introspective style
    • - Contrasts with Weaver and later folks artists like Dylan
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