PLSC Lab Eight

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  1. Evolution
    is change, either in genetic makeup of a single species, or in global species composition resulting from losses (extinctions) and additions (speciation) over time.
  2. Natural selection
    The mechanism for change in evolution based on a theory developed by Charles Darwin.
  3. Artificial Selection
    The selection pressure that humans impose on domestic animals and plants through selective breeding.
  4. Diverged
    changed genetically in one or more ways.
  5. Convergence
    When two plants look similar but come from very different evolutionary origins.  This makes plant species identification more difficult.
  6. Hybridization
    When two species produce viable offspring.
  7. Taxonomy
    The science of identification and classification, and has traditionally relied on morphological and anatomical structures to distinguish between species and larger groups of species.
  8. Molecular genetic analysis
    Recent advances in this have resulted in a taxonomic revolution and many interrelationships among, or names of, species are being re-evuated
  9. Published flora
    Books on the morphological and anatomical structures to identify plants.
  10. Phylogeny
    Refers to the hierarchical evolutionary relationships among species.  This hierarchy reflects that degree of relatedness, and decreases from the most general "kingdom" to the most specific "subspecies|.
  11. Dichotomous key
    Is often used to separate a general group into two more specific groups
  12. Couplet
    A dual grouping within a dichotomous key, which has either a number to direct you to the next couplet, or a name.
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