Laboratory Management

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  1. What is the term for to develop a pathway(s) to accomplish the organization's mission and goals using resources and time?
  2. In order to plan for the future, one must first determine where the organization stands, what should be performed that take into account the internal and external factors?
    SWOT analysis
  3. What does SWOT stand for and what is for external and what is for internal factors?
    • S: Strengths of the organization
    • W: Weaknesses of the organization
    • - Internal
    • O: Opportunities available to the organization
    • T: Threats to the organization
    • - External
  4. Name the different types of plans and what period they generally cover
    • Short range or Tactical plans cover 1-5 year period
    • Operational planning may be for 1 year or 1 budget period
    • Strategic planning maps out the course of an organization for approximately 20 years
  5. What is the term for reorganizing work processes in an organization?
  6. What is a process whereby the best process in one organization is modified to fit similar processes in another organization?
  7. What is the term for persuading employees to perform the tasks that help the organization accomplish its mission and goals?
  8. Name and describe the different techniques of directing
    • Authoratative encompasses issuing orders and telling someone what to do
    • Coaching allows the instilling of confidence and motivation into an employee about accomplishing a task
    • Empowerment allows an employee to determine what task and how to accomplish the task to help the manager solve a problem or to allow an organization to come closer to accomplishing their mission and goals
  9. What is the term for influencing a person to act in a particular way and to generate initiative within that person?
  10. What is the term for assigning responsibility, authority, and accountability for a task to an employee?
  11. Name and describe major techniques for directives
    • Autocratic: detailed instructions given of exactly how and what is to be done
    • Consultative: input is sought from employees to help solve a problem or tackle a project
    • Change and influence: change is the best accepted by employees if presented in a nonthreatening way
  12. What term involves planning and budgeting, organizing and staffing, controlling, and problem solving?
  13. What term involves establishing direction, aligning, motivating, and inspiring people?
  14. What is the purpose of leadership?
    • Create leadership processes
    • Help produce changes needed to cope with a changing environment
  15. What is the term for the approval of an institution, part of an institution, or program, demonstrating that it meets all formal standards as defined by the accrediting body?
  16. What is the term for official acknowledgement of the passing of a qualifying examination?
  17. What is the term for the process by which a competent public authority grants permission to an organization or an individual to engage in a specific professional practice, occupation, or activity?
  18. What agency is a professional organization for individuals working in a clinical lab medicine?
    ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathology)
  19. What agency refers to legislation that mandates the conditions that must be met for labs to be certified?
    • CLIA '88
    • (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988)
  20. What agency reviews and approves new analytical methods prior to marketing by the manufacturer to labs?
  21. What agency evaluates and accredits most of the healthcare organizations in the US?
    Joint Commission
  22. What agency offers certification exams certification exams for clinical lab scientists?
    NCA (National Credentialing Agency for Lab Personnel)
  23. What is the equation for net income?
    Net income = revenue generated - expenses incurred
  24. What is the equation for assets?
    Assets = liabilities + net worth
  25. What is based on the number of enrollees at the specific payment amount per enrollee?
    Capitated reimbursement
  26. What is the term for what it costs to produce test results - it includes direct and indirect costs?
    Operating cost
  27. What is the term for the cost that is directly associated with producing test results - include supplies and labor?
    Direct costs
  28. What is the term for the cost that indirectly contributes to producing lab tests?
    Indirect cost
  29. What is the term for the cost that remains the same from month to month, no matter how many tests are produced?
    Fixed cost
  30. What is the term for the cost that changes with the amount of work performed?
    Variable cost
  31. What is the term for the cost that are related to purchasing equipment or instruments that have a life span of more than 1 year and cost more than a set dollar amount?
    Capital cost
  32. What is the term for keeping cost as low as possible without compromising the quality of care delivered to patients?
    Cost management
  33. What is the equation for cost for testing?
    Cost for testing = instrument cost + administration cost + supplies + labor
  34. What is the equation for revenue per test?
    Revenue per test = total revenue + total number of tests
  35. What is the equation for profit?
    Profit = revenue per test - cost per test
  36. What is the equation for Breakeven test volume?
    Breakeven test volume = annual fixed costs + (test price - variable cossts per test)
  37. What is the equation of Breakeven minimum price per test?
    Image Upload 1
  38. What is the term for systems that study costs associated with performing tests?
    Cost accounting
  39. What is especially important in production control and is used to analyze the quality of results?
    Statistical analysis
  40. What is defined as 8-12 employees from various department who work together using CQI principles to improve a process?
    Quality circle
  41. What focuses on removing waste and increasing the value of the service?
    Lean thinking
  42. What focuses on reducing the variation in a process to remove error and uses a disciplined methodology that is data driven?
    Six Sigma
  43. What is the cycle of quality improvement that was developed by Deming?
    • PDCA
    • Plan -> Do -> Check -> Act
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