Industrial Revolution Notes from Eye-Witness: Ecology

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  1. Notes from Eye-Witness: Ecology
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    During the IR, the science and engineering industries were flourishing, and their research led to present day pesticides and fertilizers(chemicals) which have damaged the environment and harmed organisms
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    The IR had advancements that led to the automobile, and the world has too many of those on the road at the moment, and the carbon emissions being produced have effected the atmosphere and polluted the air, and will take a long time to reverse.
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    The world's population is growing and is very high, and is demanding a lot of food. Over fishing is a big problem in the ocean, and many species of fish and their predators and prey are being affected negatively, and many are dying out
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    Large farms allow insects that feed on them to breed at large rates. Eventually, they can resist the pesticides, forcing farmers to use other non biodegradable pesticides to make a living, but killing the organisms in the streams, air, and land around the farms, as well as creating unclean drinking water for humans as well
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    The IR has influenced changes in materials as well, and the plastics that are produced today are not biodegradable, and not everyone recycles. That makes these resources inside the plastics "locked" because they are not able to go back to nature. This makes humans take from the environment and not give back, which may end in a depletion of Earth's natural resources(in extreme case)
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Industrial Revolution Notes from Eye-Witness: Ecology
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