Biol 404 - Compilation Exam III

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  1. Alteration of urinary formation:
    osmotic agents
  2. Alteration of urinary formation:
    bicarbonate wasting
    • carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
    • acetazolamide
  3. Alteration of urinary formation:
    inhibit Na+ reabsorption in DT
    Thiazides (chlorothiazide)
  4. Alteration of urinary formation:
    inhibits Na+-K+ ATPase inascending Loop of Henle
  5. Alteration of urinary formation:
    K+ sparing are aldosterone antagonists
    (spironloactone, amiloride)
  6. Loop diuretics effect what part of the nephron?
    ascending loop of henle (distal tubule portion)
  7. carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (acetazolamide) effect what part of the nephron?
    proximal tubule and far distal tubule (past ascending loop of henle)
  8. Thiazide diuretics effect what part of the nephron?
    farthest part of distal tubule
  9. Aldosterone antagonists effect what part of the nephron?
    Far distal tubule and collecting duct
  10. RAAS goes into effect from what stimuli?
    low BP, decreased GFR
  11. what cells of the kidney secrete renin?
  12. action of angiotensin II?
    Absorb more water by increasing Na/K atpase in  tubules to absorb more Na and water (passively following)
  13. most potent vasoconstrictor?
    Angiotensin II
  14. Angiotensin stimulates Na/K atpase and what other action does it have?
    stimulates release of aldosterone
  15. ADH does what?
    Inserts aquaporin in the last third of the distal convoluted tubule
  16. ADH is also called?
  17. ADH used what intermediate signaling pathway to insert aquaporins?
  18. Aldosterone uses aht intermediate signaling pathway
    stimulates transcription then building of Na/K atpase
  19. ANP is:
    atrial natriuretic peptide
  20. atrial natriurtic peptide causes what?
    decreased blood pressure
  21. ANP is produced where?
    atria of heart
  22. action of ANP
    decrease tone in afferent arteriole and increase GFR
  23. ANp release is monitored by what receptors?
    atrial stretch receptors
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