Industrial Revolution Notes from Our Living World: Earth's Biomes

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  1. Notes fromĀ Our Living World: Earth's Biomes
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    River pollution from factories that deposit waste in it cause a river in 1969 to catch on fire
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    This shows the amount of toxic waste deposited in the river for it to be able to catch on fire, as oil is flammable, even when mixed with water
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    Chemical pollution from factories continue to be dumped into water sources, and kill all of the organisms that depend on them
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    The boats and vehicles that were started during the IR also carry invasive species from continent to continents which disrupts the indigenous wildlife and can wipe out entire species
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    Port cities depend on the water for both transportation and human use. However, when humans continue to drain the water, there becomes less and less and the water organisms become hard pressed to survive
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Industrial Revolution Notes from Our Living World: Earth's Biomes
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