Industrial Revolution Notes from What If We Do Nothing?: Pollution

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  1. Notes from What If We Do Nothing?: Pollution
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    As population increased, manufacturers continued to make new models every year, cause older models to be discarded in favor of new ones, adds to "littering"
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    Continued scientific devolopement that started in the IR led to nuclear power, but the uranium and plutonium that were often used were extremely radioactive, and when not disposed properly, killed everything and could leave the earth scarred and unable to support life(within the area of effect)
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    Cheap labor in factories(particularly in Asia) led to cheaper goods, so people were able to buy more things, and therefore they threw away and wasted more.
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    As trees are cut down and factories produce more carbon dioxide, the air is getting dirtier, because the lesser amount of trees cannot convert enough carbon dioxide to oxygen as before, and the rising amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere are testimony to that
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    As the greenhouse gases build up, sunlight gets trapped inside the Earth's atmosphere and generates more heat. This heat starts to melt the polar ice caps, which destroys the habitat of arctic and antarctic organisms, as well as affecting the water quality for water organisms around the world as the ice caps dilute the salt water of the oceans.
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