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  1. What is the term for a program curriculum that is based on entry-level compentencies as determined by the profession?
    Competency-Based Education (CBE)
  2. What agency sets the compentencies in the Standards of Accredited Educational Programs?
    • NAACLS
    • (National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
  3. What agency is an organization that accredits medical technology/clinical laboratory scientist and medical technician/clinical laboratory technician educational programs?
    • NAACLS
    • (National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science)
  4. What agency is a credentialing agency that develops and administers an examination to certify MTs and MLTs?
  5. What is a credentialing agency that develops and administers certification exams for clinical laboratory scientists and clinical lab technicians?
    • NCA
    • (National Credentialing Agency)
  6. What is a professional organization for clinical lab science practioners that promotes all aspects of the profession and to which an individual can hold a membership?
    • ASCLS
    • (American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science)
  7. What is a professional organization that promotes the laboratory profession and to which clinical laboratory practitioners can hold membership?
    • ASCP
    • (American Society for Clinical Pathology)
  8. What is the process of recognizing an individual's qualifications by nongovernmental organization or agency?
  9. What is the process by which a governmental agency grants permission to an individual that she/he is qualified to work in a certain field?
  10. What scale of measurement uses numbers as names for certain categories or groups?
    Nominal scale
  11. What scale of measurement are numbers that are in a definite order, but without regard to distance among numbers?
    Ordinal scale
  12. What scale of measurement scores or numbers differ from one another by the same amount, without regard to a zero point?
    Interval scale
  13. What scale of measurement is an interval scale with a true zero point?
    Ratio scale
  14. What is the dispersion or scatter of a set of numbers?
    Standard deviation (SD)
  15. What is the degree of dispersion or scatter of a set of numbers?

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Education and Research
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