A&P Final Review

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  1. What is the scientific study of inheritance?
  2. What is an essential organ for reproduction in a male?
  3. The production of sperm is called?
  4. The typical menstral cycle is?
    Is every 28 days and lasts 1-5 days
  5. What is FSH? Where is it made?
    Folicle stimulating harmone. It controls the menstral cycle and egg production in the ovaries. 

    It is produced in the pituitary gland.
  6. What is Dysmenoria?
    Painful menses
  7. What is Endometriosis?
    A condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain
  8. What do you call constant vomitting?
    Metabolic alcholosis
  9. What regulates blood PH?
    The kidneys. They serve as a filter system.
  10. What is the most abundant mineral in the body?
  11. What is Aldesterone?
    Controls salt in the adrenal gland in tne adrenal cortex.
  12. What is the body's most abundant compound?
    H2o Water
  13. What is the outside of the kidney called?
    The cortex
  14. What is the first step of carbohydrate metabolism? What is the first step?
  15. What are the 4 fat soluble vitamins?
    A, D, E, K
  16. What in the brain regulates body temparature?
    The hypothalmus
  17. How much protein does the average male need daily?
    60-80 miligrams
  18. What is scurvy? Which vitamin is it lacking?
    Its a deficiency in vitamin c
  19. What is another name for sunstroke?
  20. What is the emulsifying agent that help digest fat?
    Bile is the emulsification agent that helps to digest fats
  21. What is the end product of protein digestion?
    The end product of protein digestion is amino acids
  22. Describe one feature of the small intestine that the large intestine doesnt have?
  23. What are the 3 features of the small intestine?
    Duodenum, Jejunum, Illeum
  24. What term means pertaining to the front?
  25. How many toes does the piglet have?
    16. A pig has four toes on each foot, each with a hoof
  26. What is the last part of the large intestine?
    Sigmoid colon
  27. When disecting, after taking out the liver what was under them?
    The kidneys
  28. What is COPD?
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diease
  29. Conduction?
    • Conduction- transfer of heat to the body
    • Convection- transfer of heat away from the body
    • Evaporation- sweat, absorption of water from the body
  30. What is Amenuria?
    No menses
  31. What is Candidiasis?
    Yeast infection that can be transfered sexually
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