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  1. 1. Which city is most associated with the High Renaissance in Italy?
    b) Rome
  2. What was the nickname of the Pope most associated with the beginning of the High Renaissance in Rome?
    d) Il Papa Terribile
  3. 3. How did Raphael arrange the figures in Madonna of the Meadow?
    b) In a pyramidal arrangement
  4. 4. In Raphael’s School of Athens who are the two philosophers in the center?
    b) Socrates and Plato
  5. Which Renaissance sculptor is associated with the belief that his role was to carve away the excess in a block of marble to reveal the figure within?
    c) Michelangelo
  6. 6. In the Sistine Chapel, what are the subjects of the famous ceiling frescoes?
    b) Scenes and figures from the Old Testament
  7. In the Creation of Adam, why is the finger of God reaching out to man?
    d) To bring him to life
  8. 8. Which Pope commissioned in 1506 the rebuilding of St. Peter’s Basilica?
    a) Pope Julius II
  9. 9. What did Michelangelo add to Bramante’s original design of St. Peter’s Basilica?
    b) a large, ribbed dome
  10. 10. Which Italian city was famous for its easel paintings?
    c) Venice
  11. 11. Who was the leading architect of the Venetian High Renaissance?
    a) Andrea Palladio
  12. 12. Why did Venetian painters prefer to paint with oil?
    c) Because of Venice’s humidity
  13. 13. Who was the first important painter of the Venetian Renaissance?
    b) Giorgione
  14. 14. Who painted the Venus of Urbino?
    c) Titian
  15. 15. Who was the last important Venetian painter of the sixteenth century?
    c) Tintoretto
  16. 16. What did Lavinia Fonatana’s painting Noli Me Tangere depict?
    b) Mary Magdalene
  17. 17. Who sang in the Sistine Choir
    c) Unaccompanied male voices
  18. 18. Which composer is considered the "bridge" between the music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?
    d) Josquin des Prez
  19. 19. What musical techniques did Josquin des Prez develop?
    a) Overlapping musical line and lyrics set to expressive melodic phrases
  20. 20. How many masses did Palestrina compose?
    b) more than 100
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