Session 3

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  1. Confounding variables are those variables
    known or suspected to exert an
    uncontrolled influence on the dependent

    The effects of confounding variables must
    be evaluated and eliminated to
    demonstrate experimental control
  2. Experimental Control
  3. Steadystatestrategy

    – Repeated exposure of a given subject to a given
    condition while trying to eliminate or control
    extraneous influences on behavior & obtaining a
    stable pattern of responding before introducing the
    next condition

    • “Apatternofrespondingthatexhibitsrelatively
    little variation in its measured dimensional
    quantities over a period of time”
  4. Steady State Strategy &
    Baseline Logic
  5. Repeated measures of behavior in given setting

    Requires at least 3 consecutive phases:

    – Initial baseline (A)
    – Intervention (B)
    – Return to baseline (A)

    • Withdrawal (Reversal) designs
    – A/B/A

    – A/B/A/B
    – A/B/B+C/B/B+C
  6. Reversal Design
  7. The goal of withdrawal designs is to show a functional
    relationship between the target behavior (dependent
    variable) and the intervention (independent variable).

    This occurs when the experimental control is increased
    when the intervention is subsequently withdrawn so that
    baseline conditions are again in effect

    Experimental control (internal validity) is demonstrated
    by showing that the target behavior changes as a
    function of the change in condition (phase change)

    Particularly well-suited for treatments involving
    environmental change strategies
    Mechanics of Withdrawal

  8. AppliedBenefitsofestablishingabaseline
    level of responding

    –  To obtain descriptions of antecedent-behavior-
    consequent correlations for the planning of an
    effective treatment

    –  Valuable guidance in setting initial criteria for

    –  Baseline data may reveal the behavior targeted for
    change does not warrant intervention
  9. Nature & Function of Baseline Data
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