Chapter 10b

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  1. Name two Urban Folk Music artist.
    • Bob Dylan
    • Simon and Garfunkel
  2. Who was Bob Dylan?
    • Began singing in Greenwich Village
    • Supported by increasing culture and political awareness of baby boomers
    • Stood out for
    • -Remarkable quality of original songs
    • --Poetic lyrics/Use of irony
    • -Rough-hewn performance style
    • "Went electric" in 1965 at Newport Folk Festival
    • His songs were successfully covered by more "pop" friendly success
    • Successful albums artist, but not singles artist
  3. Who was Simon and Garfunkel?
    • One of the most enduring folk-rock acts
    • "The Sound of Silence" was inspired by Dylan's electric success
    • Paul Simon later created adventurous "world beat" albums
  4. What was Counterculture?
    • Label for innovative, rebellious, radical aspects of 60's musical/political culture
    • Rock music was an important part of the definition of "counter culture"
    • Developed its own sense of jargon, including long hair, beads, tie-dyes, and embracing "exotic" cultures
    • Critiqued values of mainstream
    • Associated with liberated sexuality and drug experimentation
  5. What was SGT.PEPPER?
    • Beatles album
    • At the time most expensive album
    • Evoked influence of Indian classical music
    • Directly addressed audience as if it were a "live concert"
    • Use of innovative studio techniques
    • First album they made after deciding quit touring
    • Redirecting attention away from singles to the album
    • -Track merge together, last track on record does not end
    • -Offered a sophisticated cultural critique
  6. What was Psychedelic Rock?
    Feature wild imagery, long instrumental improvisation, and associated with counterculture movement.
  7. Name three bandsin San Francisco Music Scene.
    • Jefferson Airplane
    • Grateful Dead
    • Janis Jolin
  8. Who were the Jefferson Airplane?
    • First nationally successful band to emerge out of SF scene
    • Developed a hard-edged style with emphasis on open forms, instrumental improvisation  and visionary lyrics
    • Despite anti commercial rhetoric, revived a large advance from RCA
    • Lead by Grace Slick
    • Use of guitar distortion
  9. Who were the Grateful Dead?
    • Lead by Jerry Garcia
    • Helped pioneer urban folk music to acid rock
    • Best known for live performances
    • Known for long, extended jams
    • Had a fanatical, devoted following
  10. Who was Janis Joplin?
    • Lead singer for Big Brother and Holding Company
    • Bold, blues influenced performance styles
    • Use of rough rasping tones
    • Never crossed over to R&B charts
  11. Name three Guitar Heroes?
    • Hendrix
    • Capton
    • Credence Clearwater Revival
  12. Who was Hendrix?
    • Most innovative and original of rock era guitarists
    • Began career in R&B bands
    • Moved to London in 1966
    • Known for flamboyant, sexuality performance style
    • Used sound manipulating devices (distortion, wah-wah, etc.)
    • Did not cross over on to R&B charts
  13. Who was Clapton?
    • Joined bands "Yardbirds," "Cream," and "Derek and the Dominoes" as well as having a successful solo career
    • Known for long, extended solos
    • Strongly influenced by county blues and Chicago blues
    • Focused on instrumental virtuosity and electronic feedback
  14. Who was Credence Clear water?
    • Deliberately "old fashioned" Rock and Roll
    • Avoided imagery and exotic influences of psychedelic rock
    • Known as a "singles" band
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