Bio Toxins

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  1. Cytotoxins
    are toxins that attack and disrupt the cellular functions in the human body.
  2. Hemolytic
    toxin is a cytotoxin that specifically attacks and disrupts the fucntions of blood cells.
  3. Necrogenic
    toxins are cytotoxins that attack and kill skin cells.
  4. Anti-toxin
    serum containing antibodies formed in response to poisonous substances of biological origin.
  5. Palliative Treatment
    is method of medical care performed to mitigate symptoms.
  6. Supportive Treatment
    use artificially to maintain/assist functions of critical organs.
  7. Biological Toxins
    • •Deadlier than Nerve Agents
    • –Up to 100 times

    • •Variable Persistencies
    • –Short or long 

    • •Easy to produce
    • –Stable
    • –Long term storage

    • •Dual use equipment
    • –Production
    • –Dissemination
  8. Bio Toxins Dissemination Methods
    • Aircraft Spray
    • Missile / Artillery
    • Land / Sea based generators
    • Covert Operations
  9. Employment Advantages Over Chemical Agents
    • •Smaller Payloads Required
    • (deadlier than nerve agents)

    • •Greater Area Coverage
    • (downwind hazard = 150nm)

    •Limited Detection Capability

    •Little or No Medical Protection
  10. Detection & ID of Bio Agents
    • –JBPDS
    • (Joint Biological Point Detection System)

    • –Dry Filter Unit and Hand Held Assays
    • (DFU) & (HHAs) [new] up to 80 agents

    –Clinical sample taken by medical staff

    • –JBAIDS
    • (Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic )
  11. Presumptive ID
    • DFU & HHA
    • JBPDS
  12. •Confirmatory ID
    • Medical Lab with JBAIDS (ship or shore)
    • joint biological agent identification and diagnostic
  13. •Definitive ID
    –Bio Defense Research Directorate (BDRD)

    –US Army Research Institute of Infectious diseases (ARIID)

    –CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  14. Palliative Treatment
    • –Treat symptoms
    • •shock
    • •fever

    –Ignores cause
  15. Supportive Treatment
    • –Artificially maintain critical organ functions
    • •cardiac
    • •respiratory

    –Death is imminent
  16. Antitoxins
    –If available and identified
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