SAT Vocabulary List 13

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  1. banal
    adj. hackneyed commonplace; trite; lacking originality
  2. reputed
    adj. supposed
  3. defiance
    n. refusal to yield; resistance
  4. equity
    n. fairness; justice
  5. impudence
    n impertinence; insolence
  6. musty
    adj. stale; spoiled by age
  7. random
    adj. without definite purpose, plan, or aim; haphazard
  8. reciprocate
    v. repay in kind
  9. array
    v. marshal; draw up in order
  10. obscure
    adj. dark; vague; unclear
  11. deflect
    v. turn aside
  12. franchise
    n. right granted by authority; right to vote; business licensed to sell a product in a particular territory
  13. enormity
    n. hugeness (in a bad sense)
  14. pomposity
    n. self-important behaviour; acting like a stuffed shirt
  15. witless
    adj. foolish; idiotic
  16. corrode
    v. destroy by chemical action
  17. vortex
    n. whirlwind; whirlpool  centre of turbulence; predicament into which is inexorably plunged
  18. unfetter
    v. liberate; free from chains
  19. ire
    n. anger
  20. bask
    v. luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth
  21. rapacious
    adj. excessively greedy; predatory
  22. infinitesimal
    adj. very small
  23. embody
    v. personality; make concrete; incorporate
  24. linchpin
    n. something that holds or links various parts together
  25. unsightly
    adj. ugly
  26. denouement
    n. outcome; final development of the plot of a play
  27. specious
    adj. seemingly reasonable but incorrect; misleading (often intentionally)
  28. impertinent
    adj. insolent; rude
  29. cognate
    adj. related linguistically  allied by blood; similar or akin in nature
  30. bacchanalian
    adj. drunken
  31. impediment
    n. hindrance; stumbling-block
  32. illimitable
    adj. infinite
  33. exclaim
    v. cry out suddenly
  34. ornithology
    n. study of birds
  35. quizzical 
    adj. teasing; bantering; mocking; curious
  36. aspire
    v. seek to attain; long for
  37. noisome
    adj. foul-smelling; unwholesome
  38. implausible
    adj. unlikely; unbelievable
  39. censor
    • n. overseer of morals  person the reads to eliminate inappropriate remarks
    • v. subject (book, writer, news etc) to censorship
  40. retentive
    adj. holding; having a good memory
  41. fortuitous
    adj. accidental; by chance
  42. assert
    v. declare or state with confidence; put oneself forward boldly
  43. asylum
    n. place of refuge or shelter protection
  44. checkered
    adj. marked by changes in fortune
  45. commodious
    adj. spacious and comfortable
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