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  1. Substance Abuse
    the use of a drug to the extent that it impairs the user’s biological, psychological, and/or social well-being
  2. Substance Dependence
    maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress
  3. Requirements of Substance Dependence
    • recurrent use prevents person from fulfilling major obligations
    • recurrent use in situations where it is physically hazardous
    • continued use despite problems related to substance
    • evidence of tolerance
    • evidence of withdrawal
  4. Age's influence on response to a drug
    • older individuals are more sensitive to drugs
    • less effective barriers
  5. Body Size's influence on response to a drug
    • smaller people are more sensitive to drugs
    • fewer body fluids to dilute drugs
  6. Gender's influence on response to a drug
    • females are more sensitive to drugs
    • smaller than men on average
  7. Other factors that influence individual's response to a drug
    • prior experience
    • environmental setting
  8. Tolerance
    • decreased sensitivity to a drug as a consequence of exposure to it
    • requires more of substance
  9. Withdrawal
    • physical/psychological behaviors displayed by an addict when drug use ends
    • symptoms are opposite of the effects of the drug
  10. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
    • muscle aches/cramps
    • anxiety attacks
    • sweating
    • nausea
    • death
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