Foley Pass Off

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  1. What is always step #1!?
    • Check order against MAR.
    • Double ID patient.
    • Check for allergies.
  2. What supplies do you gather for cath insert?
    • Hand Hygiene before gathering supplies
    • Foley Insertion kit
    • An extra pack of sterile gloves if needed
    • Loralox syringe for removal of balloon
    • Washcloth or towel for removal
    • Towel or bath blanket for draping patient legs
    • PPE (if needed)
    • ID patient!
  3. What do I do when I first walk into patients room?
    • Hand Hygiene 
    • Double ID patient
    • Provide patient privacy
    • Tell who I am
    • Ask how they feel
    • Explain the procedure
    • Position bedside tray, garbage can, bag for linens,
  4. Starting removal of cath what do I do?
    • Don clean gloves
    • Empty urine from Foley bag if needed
    • Raise bed and position/drape patient (SR down, chux under, and drape)
    • Note on the port how many mL should be in balloon (out loud)
    • Withdraw solution from catheter balloon with syringe
    • Give warning about removing cath
    • Pull out smoothly and quickly, catch end of catheter with towel
    • discard bag and tubing in trash
    • Remove gloves
    • Hand Hygiene
  5. How do I set up sterile field for inserting new catheter?
    • Cuff outer bag of cath kit and place within reach of work area for disposal of used supplies
    • Open Cath Kit, pulling first corner away from self
    • Place sterile underpad
    • Apply Sterile Gloves
    • Organize supplies on the tray; remove plastic from catheter, attch syringe to balloon port, moisten cotton balls with antiseptic solution, lubricate catheter tip 1-2 inches for women, 5-7 inches for men.
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