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  1. Scout Oath
    On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.
  2. Meaning of "honor"
    To give your word base on your reputation of being trustworthy.
  3. Meaning of "duty to God"
    Based on your faith, doing what your Creator has asked you to do?
  4. Meaning of duty to "my country"
    Defend the United States Constitution, your State Constitution and the God given Liberties enshrined in each.
  5. Meaning of "help other people at all times"
    Before thinking about yourself, put others needs before yours.
  6. Meaning of "physically strong"
    • Eat healthy food
    • Get enough sleep
    • Exercise
    • Stay away from activities which are harmful to you
  7. Meaning of "mentally aware"
    • Take care of your body so that you can always be ready for what is going on around you.
    • Learn to identify things which are unusual and do not belong or which may be an opportunity.
    • Be prepared to act at a moments notice.
  8. Meaning of "morally straight"
    • Through your faith develop a close relationship with your Creator.
    • Follow the instruction of your Creator.
  9. Scout Law
    • A Scout is:
    • trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
    • friendly, curtious, kind,
    • obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
    • brave, clean and reverent.
  10. Scout Motto
    Be Prepared
  11. Scout Slogan
    Do a Good Turn daily
  12. Be prepared for what?
    As Baden-Powell said, "Why, for any old thing."  Be ready to do your duty.
  13. Are we supposed to do just one Good Turn daily?
    We are to do as many Good Turns as we have opportunities to do so.
  14. Scout Sign
    • Shows that you are a Scout.
    • To be shown when you recite the Scout Oath or Law.
    • When raised by a Scout leader or another Scout, you also make the sign and come to silent attention.
  15. Scout Salute
    • Shows respect
    • Used to salute the flag of the United States of America, another Scout or a Scout Leader
  16. Scout Handshake
    • Made with left hand.  Hand nearest your heart.
    • Offered as a token of friendship.
  17. Meaning of First Class Scout Badge:

    Three Point Design
    1.) Three point design represents the north point of the sailors compass; the fingers of the Scout sign; and three parts of the Scout oath.
  18. Meaning of First Class Scout Badge:

    Main part of badge
    2.) The main part represents that a Scout is able to point the right way in life as sure as a compass points north.
  19. Meaning of First Class Scout Badge:

    Two stars on the top left and right points
    3) Two stars represent the Scouts ideals of truth and knowledge.  The stars guide us be night and remind us of the Scouts outdoor life.
  20. Meaning of First Class Scout Badge:

    Eagle with the shield
    4) The eagle is our national emblem.  It stands for freedom and readiness to defend freedom.
  21. Meaning of First Class Scout Badge:

    Scroll with the Scout motto
    5) Scroll turns up to represent a Scout's smile.
  22. Meaning of First Class Scout Badge:

    Knot attached to bottom of scroll
    6) The knot reminds us to do a Good Turn daily.

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